5 Simple Ways To Lose Upper Back Fat In A Week

Strengthening the muscles on the back not only helps in attaining a great posture, but also helps protect yourself from injury and pain in later years. A beautiful and well sculpted back is an asset to be proud of as you carry off various outfits with pomp. Here we discuss some excellent methods to help lose fat in the upper back within a week.

1. Eat smart:

Choose healthy foods and avoid processed and greasy foods. Rather than starving, keep off hunger pangs by having many mini meals. Incorporate legumes, lentils, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits and nuts into each meal. Meals rich in muscle building vitamins, minerals and proteins will help replace fats with muscles. Smart eating is the first step to a healthy and fit body.

How To Lose Upper Back Fat In A Week

2. Practice Yoga:

Yoga helps focus on specific target muscles, toning and sculpting for a wonderfully shaped upper back. Yoga is calm and focused approach to weight loss and should be part of the early morning routine for maximum effectiveness.

3. Shop for Clothes that Suit Your Shape:

While this may not help you lose weight, wearing clothes that suit you add to your confidence.

4. Cardio Exercises can Help:

Include 60 minute cardio sessions 5 days a week as part of your exercise regime.  Interval training is an intense workout that helps burn fat faster than regular exercises and is a great option to burn calories even after exercising. Start with simple exercises and build up intensity as you go along.

5. Focus on Toning:

Focus on exercises that help sculpt and tone shoulders, back and obliques. Exercises that improve posture are a great addition. Always sit and stand erect, with chest out and chin tucked straight in for a straight and erect spine and a confident look.

The methods listed above will help you lose some weight in a week. However, it needs to be remembered that weight loss is not a short one week affair but rather a long term exercise. Gradual weight loss should be accompanied by building of lean muscles for a well-toned and sculpted look. Regular exercises, preferably under the guidance of a well-trained and knowledgeable instructor are extremely helpful in long term weight loss and maintaining a well sculpted body.

Kick boxing, swimming, aerobics, boxing, Zumba dancing, Insanity, Piyo and many such exercise regimes focus on building a well-toned look as opposed to a mere weight loss. Celebrity inspired workouts are a great method for celebrity like bodies. A balanced approach needs to concentrate on both diet as well as exercise. While we continue to burn calories, the weight loss needs to be replaced by toned muscles in target areas like calves, abs, upper arms, stomach, back and so on. For weight loss, walking is a more effective exercise than jogging.

The need of the hour is not costly equipment or heavy exercise regimens. Try incorporating mild exercises into regular daily routine. Each exercise must target specific areas to build up lean muscle in the target area.