3 Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

The sedentary and stressed life of any urban dweller has made weight gain very easy to achieve with maximum people joining the club. Today obesity has been diagnosed as a major critical disease as it has been found to be the root cause of many critical and life-threatening physiological and mental diseases. To counteract, various forms of exercises are getting increasing popular which blends in the modern life style and fights obesity. Of all, yoga for weight loss is getting increasingly popular.

Many question the yoga for weight loss credibility on account of its chanting and superficial stationary poses. But its power is vastly underestimated. Yoga rejuvenates and energizes the body and mind to such a level that number of mental triggers like binge-eating, comfort food, false hungers is eliminated. Simultaneously the body- systems start working in the right direction, eliminates all toxins and increases its calories burning capacity of the body drastically even at rest. The cumulative effect of this is a toned and chiseled body with a radiant glow of health. Given below are some great yoga for weight loss poses to try out even by a beginner

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

It is the most basic of all standing postures and assists in improving posture, body stability and balance. It also works great in increasing height. This yoga for weight loss pose is terrific to get initiated into yoga. Strengthening the knees, thighs, ankles, buttocks and abdomen, it also aids in relieving back pain, sciatica and in combating the effects of flat feet. Practicing the pose with steady and smooth breathing helps release stress and improve concentration.

To perform it, stand with feet together and arms at the sides. The weight should be pressed evenly across the balls and arches of the feet. Breathe steadily while focusing on the present moment. Press the big toes together, lift them and spread them apart. The heels can be separated if required. The toes are placed back on the mat, one at a time. Now drawing together the heels, straighten the legs and ground the feet firmly.

Now lift the ankles and the arches of the feet while squeezing the outer shins toward each other. The top of the thighs are now drawn up and back by engaging the quadriceps. The thighs are rotated slightly inward. The tailbone is tucked slightly now without rounding the lower back. The back of the thighs are lifted but the buttocks released. Keeping the pelvis in the neutral position, the belly is drawn in slightly.

While inhaling elongate through the torso and during exhale, release the shoulder blades, away from head and towards the back of waist. Expand across the collarbones while keeping the shoulder in line with the sides of the body. The shoulder blades are now pressed towards the back ribs but without squeezing them together. Entire hand parts are kept straight and firm. Elongate the neck now with ears, shoulders, hips, and ankles in one line. Hold the pose for one minute keeping a steady rhythmic breathing.  Repeat it for about 5-10 times.

Since this posture is all about balancing, it should not be done if you are suffering from headaches, insomnia, low blood pressure or dizziness.

Setu Bandh (Bridge Pose)

It is not only a fantastic yoga for weight loss but also a fantastic energizing, rejuvenating and restorative pose. Providing a complete stretch to the chest, neck and spine, it strengthens the back muscles, opens the lungs , reduces thyroid problems and improves digestion. It also helps in resolving menopause and menstrual ailments. It is highly beneficial for asthma, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and sinus.

To start, first lie on the yoga mat on the back. The knees are now folded with the feet hip-distance apart and placed 10-12 inches  away from pelvis and in line with knees and  ankles. The arms are placed beside the body with palms facing down. While inhaling, the lower back, middle back and the upper back is now slowly lifted off the floor. The shoulders are gently rolled, and the chest touched to the chin without bringing the chin down. The body weight is supported with the shoulders, arms and feet. The bottom is now firmed and the thighs made parallel to each other and to the floor. If desired, the back can be supported with the palms. With easy breathing the posture is held for a minute or two before released while exhaling. Repeat it for 5-10 times.

This pose is not recommended for people suffering from neck or back injuries.


Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Spinal Twist)

One of the best and an important in hatha yoga, this yoga for weight loss offers other huge benefits which covers all the body systems. It not only increases the strength, functionality and the elasticity of the spinal cord. It stretches the muscles on one side while compressing the ones on the other side which helps in relieving back pain and stiffness and is especially beneficial for slipped disc. It massages the abdominal muscles and treats various digestive disorders and diabetes. It also loosens the hip joints. Increasing the overall blood circulation, it is a great aid in treating constipation, urinary tract disorders, menstrual disorders, cervical spondylitis, anorexia etc.

To perform it, sit on the mat with legs straight in front. Now bend the knees, put the feet on the floor and slide the left foot under the right leg. Keeping the outside of the left leg on the floor, step the right foot over left leg and make it stand on floor outside the left hip. Press the right hand behind the right buttock on the floor and the upper left arm on the outside of the right thigh near the knee. With the right knee pointing directly at the ceiling, exhale and turn towards the inner side of the right thigh. Maintain the position for up to one minute before release. Repeat with the other way. The entire sequence can be done 3-5 times. People with spinal and abdominal surgeries, hernia patients, severe spinal problems etc should avoid it.


Today yoga is increasingly combined with a cardiovascular workout to strengthen the muscle and increase the overall body BMR. Yoga for weight loss has fantastic poses which kick starts the metabolism and increases the lean muscle mass in the body.