2010s in Fashion

2010’s in Fashion –General Trend

It is a popular saying that fashion changes with weather in today's time. More the globalization and mixing of culture, more is the change in the trends in clothing accessorizing and hairstyling etc. The 2010’s fashion industry is actually based on the changes in these trends which are popularized by the fashion designers and the eminent people in the society who inspire others to follow the trends that are followed by them.

In 2010's fashion trends is unique and they are not the blends of the trends of earlier decades although vintage clothing is still popular. People now are becoming more and more conscious of the new trends and are changing their lifestyles according to them. The youth are greatly influenced by the sport personalitieslike cricket stars and PAGE 3 celebrities and invest a lot of money in their clothing which is helping the fashion industry grow. The eminent brands inbusiness keep on changing their range of clothing according to the new trendsin 2010’s fashion.

The  fashion in 2010's till now is inspired by European and American fashion. TheGeneral trends include use of contrast colors and striped designs in the clothing. Hoodies and knee high boots are the style statement of the youth. Accessories like sunglasses, silver and metal jewelry; pocket watches etc. have become very popular nowadays.

2010’s in Fashion - Men's Clothing Style

Menin 2010’s fashion gave importance to denim shirts, black leather jackets, flatcaps and acid wash jeans. The aviator sunglasses and converse shoes are still popular. Belts made of snake skin and glasses made of tortoise shell are likedby men. Straw hats and safari jackets are also an essential part of men's clothing. Among the winter wear, sleeveless sweaters, stripped jackets andvelvet blazers are very popular. Sweatpants, sneakers and scarves are carry forward from the earlier fashion trends. The ethnic wear is also popularized by the designers and is being liked throughout the world. Cotton kurtas, sherwanisetc. are among the mostly liked ethnic wear.

2010’s in Fashion - Women's Clothing Style

The American brands like Dooney, Gucci, Baby Phat and A&F are attracting the fashion conscious females in 2010’s fashion. Denim skirts, tube tops, baseball jackets and aviator sunglasses give a sporty look and are preferred by thefemales. Among the accessories, Peruvian hats, nerd sunglasses and sneakers arecommon. Colors like pink, black, purple, green and yellow are mostly used in 2010’sfashion. Among the footwear, ballerina flats, gladiator sandals and flip flopsare very popular in women. Sleeved blanket, a nightwear with sleeping bag  combined with a night gown is a fashion trend in females.

2010’s in Fashion - Hairstyles

Hairstyling trends are the backbone of fashion in 2010’s.The most popular hairtrends includes long straight side swept hair in women. Bob cut and pixie cutare also liked by a fraction of women. Hair accessories like hair band andplastic Alice bands are the necessities of women with long straight hair. Ahuge range of hair accessories is being popularized by the designers.

Amongmen, short hair is becoming increasingly popular in 2010’s fashion. The professionals like slicked back hair and goatees. Short haircuts like buzz cutare also very popular Teenagers are mostly going for spiked hair, frosted atthe ends which give them a trendy look. Many teenagers go for preppies, surferand winged haircuts.

Amongthe kids blonde stripes in the centre and designs called train tracks which areshaved on the sides are very popular. The Hardcore Punk look is gainingpopularity while the fringes are losing their popularity with the advances in 2010’sfashion.

Moustachesand beard are liked by middle aged people.

The fashion consciousness of people is increasing more and more in this decade. The starting of the decade has seen many fashion trends which are expected to bemodified as the years pass by in 2010’s fashion.

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