2000s in Fashion

2000s in Fashion

2000s in Fashion: General Trends

Fashion in modern age has given rise to a well flourished industrywhich has employed many people. Fashion has been changing throughout the yearsdue to change in cultural practices and the youth getting influenced by thewestern trends.

2000’s fashion decade was a mash up of old and new trends. Men andwomen clothing, hairstyling etc. have shown fusion of ethnic and global trends.2000’s in Fashion trends, therefore, have been influenced by globalization.Fashion all over the world was fused in this decade. The material used was ecofriendly including recycled clothes and fake fur.

2000s in Fashion - Men's Clothing Style

 Many trends of 1900's werecontinued in 2000's fashion but they were modified according to demand ofpeople. Men's clothing in early 2000's fashion included more sporty clothing asAdidas or Nike shorts, loafers, camp shirts and baseball camps etc were verypopular. The mid 2000’s fashion on the other hand was influenced by retroculture. People liked to wear cartoon print hoodies, vintage T-shirts and slimfit jeans. The late 2000's witnessed clothing in contrasting colors. Blackleather jackets with white T-shirts and straight leg jeans were liked by thepeople. V- Neck sweaters were also very popular.

2000s in Fashion - Women's Clothing Style

Women's fashion in 2000's has shown dramatic changes throughoutthe decade. Denim became an important feature of early 2000's in fashion. Theearly 2000's fashion included denim miniskirts, ponchos, sweat pants etc.Clothes in girly colors like gray, light blue, yellow and hot pink were verypopular. The mid 2000's fashion was influenced by American culture. Most popularattire was the skin fit jeans with knee high boots. Capri pants and tunics werealso liked by the females. Fashion in late 2000's included printed leggings,long baggy shirts and skinny jeans.

2000s in Fashion - Hairstyle

Hair trends have been very popular in 2000's fashion. Trends inwomen hair were straight and long. On the other hand, bob cut and pixie cutagain became popular in this decade.

Men's hair in 2000’s fashion was inspired by Tom Cruise. The othertrends which were popular were spiky hair, flat top and buzz cut etc.

Moustachesbeards and goatees were much popular in 2000's fashion. Teenagers were influencedby their favorite film and Indipop stars and followed their choices inhairstyling. The clothes, accessories and hairstyles used in the films becamethe fashion trends in the public. 2000's witnessed a lot many super hit moviesleaving behind a new range of clothing as the latest fashion. The fashion in2000's gave wide choices of clothing and hair styling to people.

2000s Fashion List

In Early 2000s there are different types of fashion under which top 29 fashions list are below:


  • Hola Madrid shirts
  • Von dutch hats
  • Scarves
  • Jeans Skirt
  • Jeez Skirt
  • Silly Skirt
  • Woman Tanks
  • Velvet jackets
  • C&C woman tanks
  • Ironically skirts
  • Hook-style bracelets
  • Denim jeans
  • Crystal Bracelets
  • Sleeveless t-shirt
  • Coach sneakers
  • Metallic Bracelets
  • Baseball Tees
  • Low waist pants
  • Vintage T-shirts
  • Long sweater jackets
  • Henley tees
  • Cuffs tees
  • Polo T-shirts
  • Uggs
  • Name jewelry
  • Smocked dresses
  • Cow Boy Dresses, Boots              
  • Charm bracelets and Necklaces

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