1990s in Fashion

General Trends

1990s fashion trends was casual wears like blue jeans,with t-shirts. Tattoos and body piercings gained interest of manypeople which are still growing popular in the present. Tight fitting out wearsheavy jackets, leather pants were still a trend. Women also started wearing cowboy shoes. Black leggings were the most preferable outfit in 1990s fashion.

1990’s in Fashion - Men's Clothing Style

In the Early 1990s fashion, the flannelshirts provided optimum warmth for they were padded and loose infitting. It became reasonably popular lastingover for a decade, popular and lasted through most of the decade. Preppy clothing was becoming popular withthe young men preferring khaki slacks, blue blazers and canvas shoes. Men wore straight-leg jeans withwool sweaters, leather jackets, sheepskin coat.

In the Mid 1990s fashion, men wore Alohashirts, loafers, paisley shirts,  jerseies, printed shirts, and neon-coloredshirts. In America hip-hop fashion was a ground breaking hit with peoplepreferring track suits, bomber jackets, gold jewelry, carpenterjeans etc. During this time Adidas, Nike, Levis, Denim, Reebok and manyother companies got a very high recogniton and people started considering their products highly branded. Khaki cargo pants, leather jackets with blazer cuts. People started leaving their shirts untucked considering it to be a fashion.

1990’s in Fashion - Women’s Clothing Style

Women wore trousers with elasticboot-straps for tight fitting, drain pipe jeans, denim shirts, neon colors, sweatshirts and also blackleather jackets in 1990s fashion.

They also started wearing cowboy boots, which made them look more aggressive coloredtights, bike shorts, mini skirts, jeans and denim jackets with darker shades, headscarves, leggings.

Trench coatslined with fake fur, and Keds which was similarto the preppy look became popular. For exercise wears, women preferred black leggings, athletic sneakers or Keds and loose-fitting tee shirts.

Even the mothers started wearing leggings or sweatpants, loose-fitting tshirt or sweater and Keds along with theirdaughters.

The mid 1990s fashion saw a comebackof 1990s and 1970s fashion. Floral dresses, shirts with turtleneck,necklace made with conch shell, lace blouses, and long floral skirts wereback in fashion again.  Thetrend of low waist pants. Mini skirt, floral pants, thong under wears is stillin fashion in the present. The petticoat dresses that were soft and prettycaught the fancy of many women.

1990s in Fashion - Hairstyles

Hairstyles fashionof 1990'sslowly moved away from the 1980s. The hair sprayand curly hairs liked by women in the 1980s were replaced by withstraight hair.

The bowl cut was popular among the teens.Rachel's hair cut became famous after the role played by Jennifer Aniston asRachel in Friends series. It was a mainstay throughout the 1990's fashion.Teens started coloring their hairs to give a trendy look along with a brightt-shirt.

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