1980s in Fashion

General Trends

In the 1980s fashion, western economicboom influenced the fashion wears of the people. The 1970s clothing wascharacterized by tight or close fitting clothes on top with free, loose clothwears at the bottom. This was not the case in 1980s fashion as both men andwomen began to wear looser clothes on top, with tight, close-fitting pants. Themusic started influencing the wear-style of the people, especially Heavy Metalinfluencing the men to have longer hair and the rap music popularizing tracksuits, hat and fashion of wearing over sized jewelry on the body. Brand nameswere becoming of great significance in this decade. For the teens, jellybracelets and shoes, bright neon-coloured summer shorts were becoming popular.

1980s in Fashion - Men's ClothingStyle

In this decade, the open-necked shirtand wide-lapelled, loose stitched suits of the previous decade reflected aneasy going lifestyle for men. 1980s fashion saw menswear that indicated areassertion of traditional values and gender roles. Three-piece suits were outfashioned in the early '80s as the lapels on the suits became very narrow. Inthe 1980s fashion, ties also evolved as it became narrower, trousers werestraighter, and the common colors were black, grey and blue. Casual t-shirtsunderneath heavy jackets with slim fit pants were very popular. In late 1980'sfashion, the introduction of acid washed, chemically bleached pants, andevidenced by pale white streaks was a big hit.

1980s in Fashion - Women's ClothingStyle

In 1980's fashion, the miniskirts andthe leg warmers were gaining attention. Flared skirts which were worn bycheerleaders and Leg warmers wore mostly by professional dancers, became a teentrend at about the same time. Miniskirts became reasonably popular after therelease of the movie the Valley Girl. Casual wears caught the sight of theteens. Leggings were very important fashion in 1980s trend, gradually worn withoversized sweaters and sweatshirts in the cooler months and with loose t-shirtsin the warmers months. Bike shorts were popular under baby doll dresses andshort dresses. Leggings with white slouch socks or oversized t-shirts werepreferred by gym or athletic girls.

1980s in Fashion - Work Clothes

During the 1980s fashion, many peoplewere dressing for success. The term “yuppie” was used to describe well-dressedbusiness men and women.  Tailored suitsto the office were the fashion. The woman work suit had its own significanceconsisting of a skirt, length of a knee length with a top suit with broadershoulders. Men started wearing power suits to office to display their wealth.

1980s in Fashion – Hairstyles

Film and music stars hair stylesfiltered the mind of people for having big and eccentric hair styles. Mulletstyle were becoming popular in sub-urban among the working class people havingshorter hairs at the sides and long hairs on the front. Hairsprays were usedextensively.  Scrunchies and headbandswere becoming popular. Banana clip was another thing used to set hairs.

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