1970s in Fashion

General Trend in 1970s

1970sfashion began with miniskirts, bell bottoms and hippie clothes but soonacquired the image of popular culture. Platform shoes were introduced in 1971.They had very thick soles. These shoes were worn by both men and women. In late1970s fashion, disco look took over the trend. This included three piece suitsfor men and wrap around jersey dresses for women. Later punk fashion became popular.The jeans became straight and cigarette legged. Platform shoes were replaced bymules and ankle strapped shoes.

1970s in Fashion – Men’s ClothingStyle

Thehippie’s influence of the 60s soon vanished and men’s fashion became bold anddaring during this period. Men wore colorful ties, bright, fitted shirts havingbig collars. Many men grew short beards or mustaches and kept their hair long.Flared trousers were popular among men throughout fashions in 1970s. Theyranged from subtle flares to huge flares and flapping bell bottoms. But by theend of 1970s the legs of the trousers straightened again. Actually this periodwas a quiet revolution in the field of fashion and there was a spirit of choiceand experimentation. The most important innovation of 1970s fashion period wasuse of men’s leisure wear and also the use of new colors and fabrics. Doubleknit and stretch knit suits became popular. Rose, purple, orange and greencolors became favorite with men, Wide ties with big floral prints came in fashion.Jackets were wide-lapelled. Pants were pleated. By 1977 the men’s wear came outof the peacock period and returned to classic traditional fabrics. The styleand tailoring also took a classic look.

1970s in Fashion – Women’s ClothingStyle

1970sfashion opened new doors of fashion to the women. They adopted a new range offashion and style. They were influenced by the women’s liberation movement anddid not want to follow the rules of the fashion designers. Now they werelooking for new and multiple looks and choices. In fact they were movingtowards fashion independence. Hemlines did not matter much for them during1970s fashion. They could be either being short like a mini skirt or long.Pants were also not controversial. Majority of women wore casual no press pantsduring work. They liked to wear luxurious velvet or satin pants for evenings.In 1978, Jordache launched its designer jeans. These jeans were skin tight andhad a back pocket with a coin pocket in front. They immediately became popularamong women. Working women wore the girl version of a male suit. This includeda blouse with a bow tie and skirt. The skirts were flared. The concept of‘anything goes’ developed in the fashion sense of women.

1970s in Fashion – Hairstyle

In1970s fashion, both men and women wore long hair. The hair was kept just pastthe ears and jaw bone. The hair style had a simple natural look. Funky lookswere also popular but less attention was paid towards the maintenance of thehair. Some of the popular hair styles of the 1970s fashion were flirty bobs,natural afro’s, headbands, tapered sideburns and sometimes medium length messyhair styles.

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