1960s in Fashion

General Trend 1960s

Thedecade of 1960s in fashion was marked by many social movements which alsoinfluenced the fashion trends of the period. The decade broke many fashiontrends. In the middle of the decade culottes, box shaped PVC dresses and go-goboots became very popular. Bikinis also became in fashion after they were shownin the Beach Party. Mini-skirts and pill box hats were also the 1960s fashionintroductions of the decade which became extremely popular. Women wore falseeye lashes. Different hair styles were introduced during the period. Focus wasgiven on colors and tones. Accessories lost their importance. The hippiemovement in the last period of the decade also influenced the fashion trend andbell bottom jeans; tie-dye and batik fabrics became extremely popular.

1960s in Fashion - Men’s ClothingStyle

1960sfashion diverted men’s wear from its classic roots. More options were availablefor men than the classic suit and tie. Turtle necks entered the men’swardrobes. They could be worn with everything from Blazer to a sweater. Avariety of colors and constructions were tried on turtle necks. The Indianinspired Nehru collar was also the preferred trend of the period. It was amandarin type stand up collar and was used both in jackets and shirts. Thesecollars were used with tight fitting clothes and small buttons. These Nehrucollars were extremely popular with The Beatles, The Monkees and Dr. Evil. Modsilhouette was also in the trend. Hipster pant that fitted below the bellybutton became the fashion statement of the period. This was a complete U-turnfrom the Zoot suit of the 1930s and the earlier classic fashion. Buffalo plaidshirts were popular with people of all walks of life. They were generally madefrom flannel. Buffalo plaid shirts were very popular as casual wears in 1960sfashion.

1960s in Fashion - Women’s ClothingStyle

Women’s1960s Fashion underwent drastic changes but everyday clothes were quite simple.Usually A-line or shift dresses were popular among women. Their lengths werekept between thigh and knee. Almost all type of fabrics available today wasused in the construction of clothes. Day dresses in 1960s fashion were of lightto medium weight and were made of natural look fabrics. The style was smooth,bright and synthetics like vinyl. Floral prints became popular. For leisurewear bright prints were used. For evening wear solid and basic prints were infashion. Simple motifs were used in piping and embroidery. Jewel collars andcuffs were also in fashion. While the day dresses were above the knee theevening dresses were ankle length. Miniskirts were extremely popular. Thelatest fads were hot pants and miniskirts. Gloves and hats were out of fashionwith day dresses.

1960s in fashion - Hair styles

In1960s fashion great attention was paid in hair style irrespective to whetherthe hair was long or short. There was flexibility in length but the style wascontrolled. Hippies defied the style and they felt proud in defying the style.Curls were popular. Deep curls, small tight ones and spit curls were all popularduring the period.

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