1945-1960 in Fashion

1945 to 1960 in Fashion: General Trend

Afterthe World war II ended in 1945 there was resurgence of haute couture. Fashionfrom 1945 to 1960 saw square shoulders and short skirts were no longer infashion and were replaced by sweeping long skirts with fitted waists. Theshoulders also became rounded. New easy care synthetic fabrics like Orlon andDacron were invented during 1945 to 1960 fashion. These new fabrics suited thesemi urban life style of the people. Sportswear became popular both among menand women alike. The fashion trend in this period was decided by the teenagers.The fashion trend of this period was led by Christian Dior and CristobalBalenciaga.

1945 to 1960 in Fashion – Men’sClothing Style

Immediatelyafter the World War, 1945 to 1960s fashion trends saw the end of the men’ssuits were broad shouldered and double breasted. But after the World war whennew fabrics were developed the suits became the suits became stylish and fullerwith cuffs. The drape cut suits soon became out of fashion and were replaced bysingle breast two piece suits with narrower cut. The favorite color of thisperiod was dark charcoal gray. In the late 1950s suits with lighter fabricswere developed in Italy. These suits made of lighter fabrics were shorter andhad sharp shoulders. They were accompanied by fitted jackets. In the sportswear section, 1945 to 1960 fashion saw checkered plaids that were very fashionable.Corduroy jackets and leather buttons were also popular. On casual occasionsKhaki colored pants were worn. Bermuda shorts, knit shirts and sweaters ofvarious kinds were also popular throughout the period. Tight jeans, leatherjackets and tee shirts also became popular among young men.

1945 to 1960 in Fashion – Women’sClothing Style

InFebruary 1947 Christian Dior launched the first collection. The characteristicsof this collection were below mid calf length, fuller skirt, pointed bust,small waist and rounded shoulders. Initially this collection was not acceptedamong the fashion fraternity but later on it became very popular in fashions in1945 to 1960. Gloves and pearls were very popular after the World war. Pencilskirts, peter Pan Collars, shirt dresses with shirt like bodice were the otherfashion statements of the period. The length of the evening gowns was the sameas of the day dresses. 1945 to 1960 fashions saw cocktail dresses that weresmarter than the day costumes but they were not so formal as the dinner dressesor the evening gowns. From the mid 1950s a new style of unfitted dressesemerged in the fashion circles. In this period the pants became very narrow andwere of ankle length. Burmuda shorts for women came into being in 1954 and theyremained popular throughout the decade. With pants and shorts women preferredto wear printed or knit tops. Swimming suits were either one piece or twopieces. Bikinis also came into existence during this period but they were notliked by the Americans. Special maternity wears were also created during thisperiod.

1945 to 1960 in Fashion – Hairstyle

Hairwas kept short and curled. Wearing of hat was compulsory except on casualoccasions. Short cropped hair was in fashion from 1945 to 1960s. But the hatswere out of fashion by mid 50s. During this period poodle cut and beehive cuthair style came in fashion. The girls adopted either the long and straight hairor pony tail style.

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