1930-1945 in Fashion

General Trends

In the world of fashion from year 1930 to1945, a lot of attention was paid to the shoulders and the banjo and butterflysleeves were in the trend. Shoulder pads were used both for men’s’ and women’s’clothes. Another important 1930 to 1945 fashion included extensive use ofmanmade fibers such as rayon and nylon. Zippers were first used during thisperiod. Satan which was then called sunburn became very popular during thisperiod. Prince of Wales and his companion Wallis Simpson are considered to bethe leading trendsetters in 1930-1945 fashion.

1930- 1945 in Fashion - Men’s Clothing Style

The bright colors which were very popular formen’s clothes in 1920s became totally out of fashion. In the early 1930s the‘drape cut’ suite took the fashion world by storm. The straight trousers whichwere wide at the bottom became tapered in the years between 1930 to 1945fashion scene. In the formal wear, new kinds of summer evening clothes weredesigned. These clothes were suitable for the resorts which were on the side ofthe sea. Single and double breasted white dinner jackets were introduced. Thesejackets were worn with black bow ties and trousers. In the sports wear categorycasual trousers were introduced in place of knickerbockers.

1930- 1945 in Fashion - Women’s Clothing Style

For the women the skirt became long and thewaistline rose to the normal position during fashion from 1930 to 1945. Zipper, synthetic fabrics, simplesuits with bold colors, tailored evening dresses with matching jackets, wideshoulders, and the pink color became popular in the fashion world. Bias cut was verypopular in feminine dresses. This type of cut highlighted the feminine curves.In the late 90s the attention moved to the back and halter necklines and highneck backless evening gowns with sleeves were worn by the women. Women used towear evening dresses with matching jackets when they visited the clubs andhotels etc. A notable fashion invention of this period was handkerchief skirtwhich had many gathers. Elbow length gloves were worn with evening gowns whileopera length gloves which were made of leather were worn with day time dresses.

1930- 1945 in Fashion – Work Clothes

During 1930 to 1945fashion scene, both men and women on war wore casual trousers and overalls. Women collected their hair within their hatsand scarves. The young men working in Civilian Conservation Corps wore loosecut trousers and hats. The persons working in North American Aviation wore halfsleeve shirts and trousers during lunch period.

1930- 1945 in Fashion - Hair Style

Hairstylewas a very part of a gentleman during 1930 to 1945 Fashion. Persons with longand uncombed hair were considered as vagabonds. The hair in those days had tobe very short duly trimmed and combed. The hair had to be covered by a hat or acap when outside. For women short hair were in fashion till early 1930s butlater on the hair became longer and soft of in the form of hard curls. The hairhad to be smooth so that they can be gathered under a hat. Perm hair stylebecame popular. In early 1940s bob cut hair were very popular. In the mid 1940spuffed or rolled hair came in the trend. Decorated hats on hats were thefashion trend of the period.

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