1920s in Fashion

1920s in Fashion: General Trends

It was 1920s when the world of fashion entered the modern era. In western countries, the clothing of both men and women seemed to be liberal. Women’s skirts and trousers appeared to be shorter and men’s dresses became less formal and this was the way fashion began to be perceived in this decade. Read on to have a detailed look on the fashion trends of 1920s.

1920s in Fashion: Men’s Clothing

When you go through 1920s in fashion, you can find an obvious demarcation of periods. In the first half of the decade, it was stylish for men to put on high waisted jackets with belts. Suit jackets were worn with tapered lapels and they were not buttoned high up often. Wearing short jackets was common and men wore long jackets during highly formal occasions. They wore narrow and straight trousers during first few years of the decade.

The latter half of the decade witnessed widening of the trouser. These trousers were known as Oxford bags and worn with slit jackets. Both double breasted and single breasted vests gained popularity. The tail coat lost its appreciation and fashionable tuxedo and morning clothes were preferred as day clothes.

1920s in Fashion: Women’s Clothing

Following the World War–I, the fashion for women in 1920s went through a complete transformation. Though, aged women continued to wear conservative clothes, women, who thought them to be modern, switched over to modern outfits with no outlines. They preferred sportswear and tubular dresses and short skirts with pleats, slits gained more popularity.

The length of the dresses gradually became shorter.The outfits appeared to be more fitting to reveal the actual shape of the body.

Women liked to wear dresses with masculine and androgynous design. This fashion became more popular and women started to wear lingerie that would complement their breasts and hips, and also chose to wear their hair short.

Maintaining a boyish figure became a fashion. Women during this decade liked to wear chemises, camisoles, and bloomers more than constricting corset. During mid-nineties, the design of all-in-one lingerie gained popularity.

The 1920s in fashion however can be distinguished by flapper dresses. These outfits with straight outlines, elongated waistlines and shortened hemlines, brought the change in look of the evening and day dresses.

1920s in Fashion: Hairstyles

Men in this decade wore hats depending on their strata and society. Men belonging to upper class wore top hats, whereas, working class men wore newsboy hats. Middle class men mostly used fedora or the trilby hat.

With change in taste of fashion trends, women wore their hair short. Like earlier decades, in 1920s as well, stylish hats added quotient to women’s fashion.

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