1900s in Fashion

1900s in Fashion: General Trends

The 1900s in fashion in westerncountries saw significant changes in trends among both men and women, becausein this period industrialuprising, mass manufacture of garments increased the awareness level. Peoplefrom all class and age group adhered to latest fashion trends. , specificallywomen needed different designs for formal and casual wear, morning wear,evening wear and sportswear. Let’s have a detailed look on the fashion trendsof this decade.

1900s in Fashion: Men’s Clothing

In1990s, men wore different dresses like morningcoats, lounge suits and other formal dresses in different timingsof the day.

During winter season, knee length overcoatswere mostly worn by men. They wore heavy tweed jackets while going out for atravel. Striped shirts had gained morepopularity. The shirts of this decade can be distinguished by tall and stiffcollars. For men in 1990s, tapered ties with the'four-in-hand knot' were worn as a part of casual wear.

Lounge coats were considered as the most formal wear and wearingdinner jackets for social functions and dinners was customary. Necktie was amust for formal wears and white bow tie was the characteristic of evening wear.A morning coat along with a high-buttoned, single breasted waistcoat was theday time formal wear.

1900s in Fashion: Women’s Clothing

Initialdays of 1990s in fashion, can bedistinguished by the hourglass outline. The waist portion was tapered by means of acorset and the hips and bust were designed to have a fuller look. Thewell-known S-curve was the trend of these days. Women in this decade woreextremely long skirts and dresses.

Fashionable women wore fitting dresses accentuated with beads,laces and net. In most cases, skirts were made of satin or velvet to get a softand flowing outcome.

Cotton and washable dresses were summer favorites for informalwear. For outdoor activities, women wore trouser, a bodice, and a shirt with high collar. Tweed orwoolen suits consisting of an ankle length skirt with a corresponding jacketwhich was worn by women for formal occasions. The style was enhanced by wearingdresses with a hat and fancy furs.

By the end of thisdecade women dresses looked straighter. The dresses were stitched to fit intothe actual body shape.

1900s in Fashion: Hairstyles

Hatswere an integral part of clothing in 1990s. Women in this decade wore large andbroad hats decorated with flowers, fruits, ribbons and feathers. Always theywore their hair high in a bun.

Upper class men in this erawore a hat as part of their clothing in this decade. Homburg hats with a dentin the crown and top hats were more popular. In summer flat strawboater hats, decorated with a ribbon around the crown were used increasingly.

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