1830s in Fashion

1830s in Fashion: General Trends

1830s in Fashion was seen to have more emphasis on breadth – at first on shoulder and afterward in the hips. Earlier, between 1800 and the 1830s, the tapered outlines dominated the clothing. Women wore dresses with bigger sleeves in this period than any other and the dressing style went together with intricate hairstyles and large caps.

The last few months of this decade witnessed the spread of an innovative technology known as photography. So, the photos of fashion trend during this period could be saved for the future generation for historical records.

1830s in Fashion stressed more on romanticism like earlier periods of 1830s and the trend continued till the mid of 1840s. This era emphasized on strong emotion as a basis of artistic understanding and it mirrored in fashion too.

Rich colors such as Turkey red were still popular as in 1830s, but subtle floral prints on light backdrop were more popular. Amalgamation of floral and stripes were considered to be fashionable.

The fashion for both the genders reflected width at shoulder portion above a petite waist.

1830s in Fashion: Men’s Clothing

During these years, men used to wear linen or cotton shirts with tall standing collars and the wide cravats attached in a soft bow. Mostly, dark color cravats were worn throughout this decade. Shirts worn in day time had tucked insets over the chest whereas evening shirts were seen with frills.

Calf-length, double-breasted frock coats were used as casual day wears. The shoulders had a slope and winded sleeve heads slowly shrank and then vanished.

The waistcoats or vests, used by men, were single- or double-breasted with irregular collars and exceptionally tight through the waist.  The coats with padded shoulders and chests were considered as most fashionable but this trend went out of fashion by the year 1837.

Full-length trousers started to have the new fly-front closure that replaced the fall-front of previous years. Breeches were worn during formal functions. Men, throughout this decade wore cloaks with evening wear.

1830s in Fashion: Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothing during 1830s can be distinguished by the use of huge "leg of mutton" or "gigot" sleeves on top of big full conical skirts usually with a tapered, low waist in between.

The purpose of bulky women’s garments both above and below the waist was to make the look of the waist smaller than its actual shape.

During this decade, the mixture of sloping shoulders and sleeves were very bulky over the arm and it was fairly distinctive to the day dresses. Lace coverings wrapped over the shoulders were considered to be fashionable throughout the decade.

1830s in Fashion: Hairstyles

The hairstyle of men during this period, were seen with crowns of tall hats that were less wavy than in the earlier period. Normally the hair was divided to one side. Curled hair and sideburns along with mustaches were treated as fashionable look.

Women during 1830s parted the hair in the center and dressed in sophisticated curls, loops and knots. Braids were stylish, and were similarly looped over either ear and congregated into a topknot.

Bonnets with broad hemispherical brims outlined the face for street wear, and were profoundly adorned with ribbons, trim and feathers.

Married women were seen wearing a linen or cotton cap during day time. The cap was trimmed with lace, ribbon, and frills, and fastened under the chin.

The hairstyle for evening wear included ribbons, flowers, and jewels.

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