10 Foods SHOULD NOT Be Taken Before Going To Bed

Many food lovers prefer to eat a lot. But at the time of going to bed one should be careful about the food items which they consumes. One must take light dinner and try to avoid foods rich in fiber, protein, fat, carbohydrate. Here are some food items which should not be taken in the night due several reasons.

1. Fried Snacks: Fried snacks are very rich in fat and they take very long time to digest. If one takes them late night, body becomes less responsive and in the next morning it creates problems like heaviness, gas problems and others.

2. Spicy Foods: Many of us get attracted towards spicy foods and are ready to eat it any time. But if these items are taken before sleep it can create heart burn and bloating in the stomach. It will disturb the sleep also because it consumes more time in digestion.

3. Caffeinated Drinks: Caffeine is taken by us in tea, coffee, pop etc and it kills the sleep completely. Too much use of it before sleeping can cause serious problems like headache, brain fever and many others. It lowers the urge to sleep and create serious problems later.

10 Foods SHOULD NOT Be Taken Before Going To Bed

4. High Calories Foods: One should avoid taking high calorie food before sleeping as it will increase the metabolic activity in the system and will disturb the sleep. On serious note it will create problems like heartburn and vomiting issues.

5. Sugared Items: Many people love to have sugar rich items like ice creams, candies and sweets anytime. But they must be avoided during the night as they are very rich in fat. It takes a lot of time to digest them.

6. Alcohol: Consuming alcohol before sleep can cause serious problems. Although it helps the person to sleep fast but eventually results in frequent awaking throughout the night and shallow sleep. Due to this reason it should not be taken frequently during the sleep.

7. Red Meat: Before the sleep one must avoid consuming red meat because it is full of protein and fat. It keeps the body involve in digesting the food for several hour and disturbs the sleep. It prevents from relaxed and refreshing sleep.

8. Dark Chocolates: People love to have chocolates after dinner but it is very rich in caffeine which can cause uneasy and disturbed sleep. It also contains theobromine which increases the heart beats on negative note.

9.Cereal: Protein is the main ingredient of the cereals. If they are consumed just before bedtime they can extend the digestion process. As the result sleep will get affected badly. One should try to avoid sugar rich cereals and include healthier cereal in the diet for dinner table.

10. Fiber Rich Items: Items containing fiber take longer time to get digested in the night. Vegetables like onions, cabbage or broccoli should be avoided before sleep as it can create uneasiness and heaviness.

Hence proper attention should be given on the night food items to avoid problems and disorders in the body.