10 Amazing Ways To Gain Weight Naturally

Though obesity is one of the major health problems among the society, there are several other people who are suffering from under weight and wish to have healthy and muscular figure. The reasons for the underweight problem may be many like less calorie intake, more physical activity, untimely food or inappropriate exercises. If the reason for the underweight is one of the mentioned there are certain solutions to get rid of the problem. But if the reasons are any of critical illness, disease or hormonal related issues, consulting the expert is rather suggestible.

10 Amazing Ways To Gain Weight Naturally

1. Concentrate on the healthy weight gain: It is rather important to know that the weight gain must be healthy and constructive. The knowledge of differentiation between healthy and unhealthy weight gain is the basic issue to know. Choose nutritious and protein food which are necessary in healthy weight gain. In the name of weight gain you can’t choose junk food that would improve unhealthy weight.

2. Milk and dairy products: Include milk and dairy products in the regular food among any of the day meals. Yogurt, cheese and butter can be taken in different ways. These items contain vitamins and required fats that the body needed and help to gain the weight at the earliest.

3. Veggies and meat: Include at least three colored veggies per day. The body builds up majorly on the diet. Thus, the required proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates must be provided to the body to have proper growth of the body.

4. Fruits: Tropical fruits like papaya, mango help healthy growth of weight. Fruits like banana and avocado also help a lot in the issue. Prefer natural fruit juices instead of artificial favored juices which could increase the unnecessary fat levels.

5. Nuts: Try to take nuts during the gap between the main meals. Almonds, pistachios and ground nuts possess required carbohydrates. These not only make you healthy but also make you gain adequate weight. You can also choose peanut butter etc to include in the intake.

6. Egg and meat and/or pulses and cereals: If you are a non-vegetarian, you can have egg and meat in different ways as these possess high levels of carbohydrates and proteins. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you can compensate them with pulses and cereals.

7. Eat in a regular pattern: Number of meals per day is equally important besides choosing food. Following any of the two methods – having three large meals or having 5 to 6 small meals; allows the body to get habituate. Try to maintain the timings of the food that the body gets regulated with the consumption of food.

8. Exercise: Exercises help to boost the muscular capacity and also the responsive system of hormones. With the advice of expert, choose the suitable exercises that would help to gain the weight.

9. Reduce the rush: It is the common mistake by many of the underweight people that in the hurry of getting weight at the earliest, they consume more fatty food and supplements. It is true that the food helps to gain weight. But this must be planned and run gradually. Providing more and more carbohydrates, proteins and fats may give negative results leading to other complications. Even the people who are lean also fallen prey to bad cholesterol due to the unhealthy or over consumption of healthy diet.

10. Yoga and meditation: Even yoga and meditation help you to gain weight as they possess the boosting capability of hormones. Taking the expert’s advice would help you a lot.