Will Obama Care have Dental Care

President Obama has been trying to push through health care reforms and many people are wondering what changes are in store for them. The provisions and changes are so complicated that most American citizens are unable to understand how and to what extent they will be personally affected. One question on many people’s minds is – how will the new Act affect dental care?

The answer is – no, dental care is not covered by the Affordable Care Act. Subsidized health care insurance plans have a choice of offering dental care to adults. Children of course, are covered to receive oral health care. The health care laws cover 10 categories which offer major benefits which are vital to keep all Americans healthy – services like maternity care and hospital stays, pediatric services, oral health and vision care. Dentists are not exactly pushing for inclusion in the public health system. Working outside of the insurance framework means that they have the flexibility to set their prices. Over 32 million Americans are not getting their dental care needs met – resulting in more emergency care and other serious health problems.

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