Who are Insurance Claims Adjusters?

What Is A Claims Adjuster?

A claims Adjuster is one who evaluates insurance claims regarding the loss and or destruction of insured material goods. This can include homes, vehicles, boats, property, jewelry or collections. Insurance Adjusters will investigate the damages, how they occurred and the relative cash value of the property or material good in question.

What Claims do Adjusters Evaluate?

A Claims Adjuster or Claims Representative is an agent of an insurance company sent out to establish the insurance company's liability and responsibility to a customer when losses occur. They can evaluate property losses in cases such as:

  • Home Owners Insurance Claims that can include losses or damage to property due to storm, fire, vandalism or other factors leading to damage of property.
  • Personal Injuries can be included when and if the injuries happen on a home owner's property and a lawsuit arises over incidents like dog bites, slips, falls, or personal injury while on the home owner's property.
  • Evaluating vehicle damages incurred in traffic accidents, vandalism or theft, by consulting with witnesses and police as well as the Insurance Company's client.
  • They also can be called in to evaluate professional liability on the part of hospitals, health care workers, airlines, legal professionals and more to establish if professional negligence has occurred.

All insurance claims made will at some point be processed through the hands of an Adjuster.

Are All Adjusters Agents of Insurance Companies?

No, not all claims Adjusters are agents of an insurance company. Some Adjusters are considered to be agents of the policy holder. They are referred to as Public Adjusters. They are used to advocate on behalf of the insured client to bring about resolution to the claims. Another category of Adjusters is the Independent Adjuster, who may work for several different insurance companies or policy holders. Independent Adjusters are usually licensed by the state they operate in.

Do Claims Adjusters Have Specific Duties?

Claims Adjusters duties can be wide ranging. Their ultimate goal is to resolve any disputes when settling property damage claims or personal liability or injury claims. The Adjuster will respond to claims made by filing paperwork to initiate the process. They are in communication with clients and policy holders throughout the process. It is the responsibility of the Adjuster to assess damages by way of researching each part of the claim. They have set guidelines and procedures to follow in order to protect the policy holder, insurance company and the Adjuster as well.

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