When Do You Get Free Dental Care In The UK

People of low-income groups get free dental care in UK. People getting pension credit normally comes in two forms. It is a guarantee credit if their weekly income is less than £142.70 for a single and £217.90 for married. These people get free NHS dental care, if they get any of these guarantee credit. People who are under pensionable age and those receiving employment & support allowance (ESA) get free dental care. These benefits come in two forms namely income related and contribution based. Income related form will give free dental care. If NHS finds out that someone has wrongly claimed for free dental care even when he is not entitled for it, he has to pay for the treatment and £100 as a fine. So it is necessary to check your entitlement letter before visiting the dentist. If the people don’t receive any of these benefits they get free dental care on account of low income, they just have to fill a form.

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