What is the Process of Renters Insurance Claim?

Life is very uncertain in the present scenario and we never know what is going to happen next. To meet these uncertainties a lot of people take life insurance to cover the risk and perils. In the case person’s death his family and dependents can claim the insurance and get the money to run their life. In the same way one must take a property insurance for the damages and losses that can incur to the property content on a rented flat, house, apartment, lodge, bangalow etc. It covers material damages, furniture and other home appliances from being theft, deformed and reparation. Property owners must take insurance for their property and belongings for everything so that in case of any casualty and emergency it can be utilized with the benefits. Many companies offer renter insurance to protect the rented property against the damages and mishappenings. Property will be rented so one must get it under legal obligation seeing the market trend and it becomes so much advisable. There are certain elements that such insurance policies cover like:

  • Protection against the cost of the structure
  • Damage related to the building and its subparts
  • Natural Disaster after effect damages for example Fire, Flood, Earthquakes etc
  • Specific damages to walls, floors, ceiling, roofs etc.
  • Window, doors and fittings related to Bathroom and Kitchen
  • Deformities in Permanent Textures
  • Interiors of the property like  curtains, expensive paintings, carpets, furniture of the landlord, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator
  • Accidental damages in the case of broken floors and other malicious reparations
  • Theft ,misplaced and alteration of the property contents

One can add many features and benefits to these tenant insurance policies with the extra premiums and riders that will be paid in advance to the insurance service providers. Different policies have different claim processes involved and they are very crucial to understand. Here one need to give all the proofs and testimonials at the time of putting a claim to the insurance company and the firm settles the claim after reviewing and analyzing the truthfulness in the claim. If there are misappropriations in the claim or policy documents the insurance companies and the insured should take the necessary actions also by legal proceedings or over the counter negotiations and settlements like arbitration and mediation. That is why one should take these insurance policies from reputed and trusted service providers only who have a better claim settlement ratio. Many cases have been witnessed where problems and disputes have risen afterward.

Let us have look on some categories of insurance policies and their claim procedures in more details and clarity.

Liability Insurance Plans

In such plans the people living in the premise and their guests are covered. For example if the family members or any guest does any damages to the building or its content one can claim for the reimbursement. One striking feature of such plans is if someone got injuries and looks for the cover the same is compensated. It is a comprehensive insurance plan with greater benefits and advantages. It is mentioned in the policy documents and the user call the company to investigate the items covered and within the stipulated time claims can be made and reimbursed.

It also provides one added advantage to the policy holder. If he is not in the house and some damage has occurred in his absence then any such damage will also be covered.

Content Insurance and Its Claims

This renters insurance plan covers the repair and the replacement of the damaged goods and items. It also provides one added advantage to the policy holder. If he is not in the house and some damage has occurred in his absence then any such damage will also be covered.. For example if the tenant is going on vacation and he left the iron on or any other damage caused during his absence, he can avail the cover for such incident also. In the case of theft and burglary also one can very easily claim and receive the money as the compensations. In the case of any mishappening one can get the same product at the market price and the service provider bears the expenditures. It gives a feeling of assurance and security to the person who is living in the property. Here one can claim for the contents and get the reimbursement.

Insurance service providers offer different payment and claim procedure plans to the policy holders. One can pay upfront for the damages and then can claim for the reimbursement afterward. Here they issue insurance card and he or she can show that card and get the amount or item whichever is applicable without any hassles and problems. In another claim process companies evaluate the damages and see the permissible limit for the claims. Here the service providers pay the lump sum money directly to the policy holder’s account. In the first case paper work is more because as one has to show everything upfront to get the claims and in the second case premiums are high for the policy holder and claims can be obtained.

  • Let us have a look on the various steps involved in the renter insurance claims
  • Inform the police, insurance provider and the agent associated
  • Record and document the losses and damage occurred to the property
  • Check with the turnaround time of the claim reimbursement process
  • Estimation and calculation of all the costs and expenditure associated with the damaged and destroyed items.
  • Discuss with the insurance companies for emergency payments if required
  • Involvement with the advisors to look for the receivable of the final claim payments
  • Preparation of the settlement of the claims and deciding about the payment mode e.g. cash, cheque, account transfer etc.

Although if one has taken proper precautions while taking the renter insurance plan all the properties and its underlying contents will be secured and covered under these comprehensive plans. One must check with the reimbursement and claim procedure beforehand and see the list of the items covered. It will help him or her at the time of the claim making. By knowing all the steps and processes and following them maximum benefits can be reaped.