What Is Neutralization In Dental Care

Dental care involves a lot of activities and procedures starting from but not limited to oral hygiene. Many people suffer from bad breath and don’t know what is causing it. Dental care not only includes taking care of the teeth but also the gums and the environment in which the teeth remain. The bacterial growth in the mouth changes the pH of the mouth resulting in foul breath. Neutralization is the dental care process which balances the pH of the mouth by eliminating the bacteria.

A compound named Chlorhexadine is used to neutralize the mouth and reduces the VSCs (volatile sulfur compounds). The VSCs contain sulfur compounds and due to which the breath has unpleasant somewhat rotten & sour taste. These VSCs can be neutralized through proper dental care mainly oral hygiene. Using a mouthwash after every meal or after every few hours is also a good way to keep your mouth healthy and smelling fresh.

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