What Is Dental and Oral Care

Every dentist recommends that people take a preventative approach to dental health to keep the risk of serious health problems and subsequent costly dental work to a minimum. Dentist visits are usually scary for most people depending on the problems they have. Oral care is important as it prevents gum disease, loss of teeth and other serious problems like heart disease etc. A person’s health can be impacted by conditions like diabetes and pregnancy as well. The average life span of a person has increased around the world, making it important to maintain good oral and physical health.

To maintain optimal dental health, dentists recommend that everyone practice 5 important habits every day.

  • Buy a good quality toothbrush
  • Check with the dentist for proper brushing techniques
  • Brush each quadrant of the mouth for the recommended time
  • Flossing regularly removes debris between teeth
  • Pay attention to how different foods and drinks affect teeth and avoid those foods

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