What is Dental Care Insurance

Oral health of every family member is important - having a dental insurance plan will help people to pay for their treatments. Dental coverage is important as it helps to pay for the cost of check up and treatment. There are different categories – Indemnity, Preferred Provider Networks and Dental Health Managed Organization. In general, all dental offices have a list of prices they charge for different services/procedures. Insurance companies have a similar list.

This schedule forms the basis of all transactions between the insurer, dentist and the patient.

  • Indemnity Plan: This is useful for people who want to go to the same dentist and they are not part of a network. Review co-pay amounts, waiting period etc.
  • DHMO: Dentists sign a contract with an insurance company and accepts the schedule of fees set up by the insurance company and gives patients reduced cost services. Some procedures may not be covered.
  • PPO: Depending on insurance plan, this works like the DHMO model. People can sometimes use outside network dentists. There is a set annual maximum benefit.

Check with the insurance carrier to see which plan best fits your needs.

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