What is Dental Care of a Child?

Young children start to get their teeth starting around the age of 7 months. By the age of three, they will have their complete set of milk teeth. These teeth are usually small but play an important role. They make the gums ready for adult teeth – which start appearing around the age of six. If the child doesn’t have a healthy set of teeth, they will have trouble with eating and speech. Hence it is very important to care for milk teeth and keeping them healthy.

Initial care will consist of rubbing their gums to stimulate growth and keep bacteria from collecting. Once they start getting their teeth, get a toothbrush with a small head and use a small amount of toothpaste. Parents should brush their children’s teeth till they are old enough to do it themselves. Consult a pediatrician if there are signs of trouble. Try to keep the child’s diet as free of sugary foods as possible and teach them a good oral care regimen.

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