What To Do If Home Insurance Company Denies Your Claim

When an extensive damage has been done to ones property the victim has the right to claim under his insurance policy. But, Insurance Companies are here to make profits so they sometimes might not give the client their well deserved money. The Insurance Companies do not want to foot the bill of their clients so they may showcase various excuses to deny the claims.

The following tips for filing for a rejected claim will come in handy:

  • One should always have a careful perusal of his policy and should take note of the technical details that are mentioned. The details should be noted as to why the insurance company is denying the client of his claim. The company is legally obliged to explain the entire episode.
  • The client must file the claim within a specified period of time failing which the insurance company may deny the claim.
  • In the case of the Insurance Policy Copy being destroyed by fire or in any other incident then the client can ask for a duplicate copy to be issued by the Insurance Company.
  • Sometimes due to manual errors Insurance Company may deny a claim; for example, a filing error on the part of the insurance agent or from someone who is new to the office.The discrepancies should be immediately noted so that the client can appeal to the court.
  • The cause of the damage should be properly communicated to the Insurance Company failing which the company may find a reason to reject the claim.
  • The exact details of the incident for example the date, extent of the damage, steps taken to prevent the damage should be well documented by the client. This serves as a proof for the client.
  • An appraisal of the House may be done to ascertain the present valuation.
  • Snapshots of the damage done to the house should be taken.
  • The client must find someone who can testify as a witness.
  • All the conversations with the Insurance Company must be well documented.
  • Another very common reason given by the Insurance Company to their clients for denying the claim is negligence on the part of the home owner. The client should always try to prove that they are responsible house owner.
  • It is always good to appoint an experienced lawyer who will be able to fight the case.
  • The Insurance Claim file must be filled in correctly. Though filing error is not such a serious issue it can still hamper the claims process. Insurance Company generally does not complain of this error until and unless there is any harm to the Company or in the investigating process.
  • The State Insurance Department or the Department of Insurance can be contacted to safeguard ones rights after a claim has been rejected.

Each country or State has its own rules and regulations which are to be abided by before filing for a denied claim. So one must be very careful before acting on all the ideas that have been mentioned above.