Western Mutual Insurance Company

Facts about the Western Mutual Insurance Company

The Western Mutual Insurance Company was formed in the year 1942. It was initially a county mutual fire insurer and was called Coast Mutual Fire Insurance Company at Los Angeles.

Later, on expansion in 2002, the group started operations in Nevada and Colorado. The company acquired Arizona Home Insurance Company in 2005 and gradually expanded into New Mexico and Utah. It also started insurance for new home construction in Texas in 2007.

Services Offered

The Western Mutual Insurance Company offers two types of insurance:

  • Home Insurance
  • Business Insurance

Under home insurance there are several categories depending on the circumstances. They are as follows:

HO-1: This is a basic coverage which includes damage from fire or lightning.

HO-2: It includes the above with the addition of theft, vandalism, hail damage or a collapsed building.

HO-3: Is an improvement on HO-2 which is the most popular choice.

HO-4: This is applicable for renters. Although renters do not own the property, their personal belongings can be insured.

HO-5: This is a deluxe coverage.

HO-6 and HO-7: These are for covering special category homes such as condos, and mobile homes

HO-8: Enables homeowners to receive replacement materials against damage.

Business Insurance

 The Western Mutual Insurance Company offers a variety of options for business insurance which are tailor-made for the differing requirements of different types of businesses. For further details of our business insurance services provided, please log on www.westernmutual.com.

Benefits and Claims

For filing a claim with the Western Mutual Insurance Company, you need to have your policy document at easy access and your policy number/s with you.

Once you have got the required documents, you can contact your broker or agent or you can simply contact directly, using the contact details given on our “Contact Us” page on our website.