West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

Facts about the West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

The West Bend Mutual Insurance Company is 115 years old and is located at West Bend, Wisconsin. There was a great fire which raged through West Bend resulting in the formation of the West Bend Mutual Insurance Company.

This company is a relationship-based one and the business is run with emphasis on values such as responsibility, integrity and excellence.

The company has more than 1000 associates and its main mantra is “The Worst Brings Out Our Best”.

Services Offered

SMARTbusiness: Covering various segments of business operations, this product is designed for maximum benefit to business people.

Workers Compensation: This coverage keeps in mind the rising cost of workers’ compensation which makes it attractive to any company.

Home and Highway: Here, coverage is offered for all personal possessions with attractive discounts.

Personal Umbrella: This is the additional layer of insurance to fill the gaps and provide peace of mind for the insured parties.

Metal Workers: This product is for those workers who have a susceptibility to injury while discharging their duty. It covers a wide range of industries.

Contractor Owners: This is designed to offer coverage to meet the specific needs of contractors, going into the specific intricacies of different categories of contractors.

Benefits and Claims

Contacting for a claim is the easiest thing to do and there are several ways you can do this:

You can call toll free on 1(877) 922-5246 and keep your policy number accessible.

Send an e-mail at: directconnect@wbmi.com giving your name and address details along with the policy number, date of loss and a brief description of the loss or accident.

Send a fax to 1(800) 459-4520 or 1(262) 335-7000 giving the above information.