USF&G Insurance Company

About The USF&G Insurance Company

The USF&G Insurance Company was founded by John Randolph Bland in the year 1896. It was originally known as the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company and was based at Baltimore, Maryland where it exists till today.

The USF&G Insurance Company today is a part of the USF&G Corporation. It is a giant casualty and property insurer and insurance is sold entirely through independent agents and brokers. There are 12,600 people employed by the USF&G Insurance Company and the net worth of the company is put at $13.60 billion.

The philosophy behind the company is “Growth with Profit” which was the approach used by the founder of the company, John Randolph Bland.

Services Offered by USF&G Insurance Company

The USF&G Insurance Company offers the following services:

  • Umbrella Liability: This is insurance coverage where the insurance is covered over and above the regular, standard set of insurance policies.
  • Commercial Property: Insurance coverage on commercial property is offered by USF&G Insurance Company wherein the contents of a property may be covered against damage due to storms, fires, or even theft.
  • Professional Liability: USF&G Insurance Company also offers professional liability insurance which is coverage against actions taken by clients against a professional for services rendered for example in malpractice cases.
  • Commercial Inland Marine: This is coverage extended to moving or movable property such as boats, barges and ships.
  • Commercial General Liability: This cover is extended to protect the insured from damage that may occur at a commercial establishment. For example, if a customer gets injured on the premises.

Benefits and Claims from the USF&G Insurance Company

The first stage to reporting a claim should be to pull out the policy document which will give coverage details and how to make a claim.

You can also get help from your broker or agent for filing the claim.

USF&G Insurance Company can be contacted at by email: or you can send a fax to (248)539-6092 or call (248)538-4530.

You can also visit or send a mail at:

USF&G Insurance Company
220 Kaufman Financial Center
30833 Northwestern Highway
Farming Hills
MI 48334.