Business Insurance Agents

Whether it is a small commercial business ownership or a multimillion-dollar company, every business needs insurance to protect the owners from losses. To safeguard the property and business from risks and potential threats like fire, theft, vehicle accidents, floods & earthquakes, product liabilities, legal claims, lawsuits, workers compensation etc a company must possess good business insurance. While choosing the insurance a business owner can either opt for combined package such as property, casualty, liability, and business interruption coverage or pick the option based on the business needs. The best way to make a decision on the type of insurance is to hire a licensed professional insurance agent who can understand your business risks and guide you through the best coverage amount.

How to become a business insurance agent:

Business insurance agents are expert professionals who help customers choose the best product portfolios for their business needs and realize their financial goals. To become an insurance agent for a company, one must complete pre-licensing course work and pass the state sanctioned exam for certified license.

Duties and liabilities of business insurance agents:

  • As a professional, he/she must have broad proficiency in different types of insurance policies to solicit, negotiate and place insurance contracts on behalf of the company.
  • Must identify clients’ business requirement, estimate the possible risks and provide the most reliable & comprehensive packages to restore losses
  • Remember, most of the standard coverages do not include the extra employer liabilities. Therefore, as an insurance agent, he/she must make the client clearly understand different business liabilities - product, professional, public and employer.
  • Have enough knowledge to run cost-benefit analysis to calculate the optimal coverage amount that matches clients’ business needs