Travel Medical Insurance UK

If you plan to take a trip to UK for business or vacation make sure to take travel medical insurance UK. Taking a travel medical insurance UK along with European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will help you to escape from medical bills of large amount in case of an emergency during the trip. Though health care is free in Europe at delivery point it necessitates either full or part payment for your medical expenses. If your need is emergency cost too will go high. Taking travel medical insurance UK and EHIC will help you to avoid any kind of delay in your treatment as well as stress during emergency along with huge bill.

Why EHIC and Travel Insurance?

Though EHIC is a medical Insurance it is different from travel medical insurance UK. Hence even if you have an EHIC take travel insurance from any private agency for EHIC will not cover cost of ski resorts mountain rescue, stolen property, repatriation to UK as well as private medical healthcare. Yet another need for private travel medical insurance UK is that EHIC is not valid in all countries. This is because health care system is different for different European countries. EHIC might not be covering all the costs incurred to you. But travel medical insurance UK will cover all medical costs incurred even those not covered by EHIC. For example travel insurance will pay you for your return journey if return is delayed due to illness. It will also cover the personal contributions made by you for treatment. Non medical emergencies are also covered by travel medical insurance UK. Non medical emergencies include loss of passport or replacement of possessions.

Coverage and Premium

But all travel medical insurance UK policies are not same according to the coverage provided by it. It will vary from insurer to insurer and destination to destination. Before taking a travel medical insurance UK policy you will have to check the coverage provided by it. Some of the travel medical insurance UK policies might not be providing full coverage for those engaged in hazardous sports like skiing or climbing. So it is necessary for you to check the coverage provided by travel medical insurance UK and take policies according to your need.

In usual case travel medical insurance UK coverage starts with a payment of few pounds. But premium varies according to risk coverage. If you are buying travel insurance for senior citizen premium will be high. It might also require some additional paper works as well. This is because older persons are considered to be at higher risk to injuries than youngsters. Hence travel medical insurance UK for seniors is more than others. More over you will have to search well before taking a travel medical insurance UK policy for premium for senior citizens insurance is different for different companies. So it is necessary to have good research before choosing your company of travel medical insurance UK. Paying few thousands is likely to save thousands of pounds for you in case of emergency.