Travel Insurance for USA

Though travel broadens the mind and is a definitive experience, in this age travel is fraught with danger, from sources that are yet incomprehensible to man.  From terror attacks to outbreaks of virulent diseases, the traveller is at risk to life and limb when he ventures out into the world.  The wise traveller takes adequate protection, in the form of insurance to cover any contingency that may arise while traveling.

Serious sickness, or physical injury, can become a cause for severe mental trauma, plus being prohibitively expensive in the bargain.  Tourists to foreign countries are required to pay exorbitant amounts and that too a full payment for whatever medical help provided.  Travel and tourism officials have created restrictive cancellation policies whereby a major portion of the paid amount is not refunded, increasing airfare prices, lost baggage, all add to the burden of a weary traveller.  To acquire insurance before traveling is one of the smartest things you can do before embarking on your traveling.

Travel Insurance for US Citizens/US Residents

The State Department has made it mandatory for Americans traveling abroad to register their travel plans with the Department of State.  This is required to insure the safety of American citizens abroad, which may be necessary, if there is an outbreak of a virus or a terrorist activity or simply to inform the traveller of some emergency back home.  The registration is a free service and can be done online.

The traveller now requires to check if his primary healthcare provider covers medical costs incurred while traveling.  Most healthcare operators do not offer this service so the, the wise choice is to acquire international travel insurance.

Travels insurance for American citizens is divided into five major types:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

Purchase of AD&D insures that the traveller is entitled to a substantial amount when an accident results in death or loss of limb.

Flight accident insurance is a type of AD&D and that pays benefit when there is loss of life or limb due to an aircraft accident.

Common Carrier AD&D offers benefit when the accident occurs in a common carrier.

24 hr AD&D is the most common type of insurance which covers any accident resulting in loss of life or limb during the covered trip.

AD&D does not cover loss of life due to terror attacks or any other disaster; Policies covering these contingencies come at a higher premium.

Trip Protection

These plans offer reimbursement of expenses if your travel is cancelled or interrupted due to some unforeseen causes.

These plans also include travel assistance like lost baggage etc.

Minimal coverage for medical costs incurred abroad is also covered by these plans.

International Medical Insurance

Costs incurred for medical treatments with a maximum coverage of one million dollars, are covered by this plan.  This plan includes the coverage of costs incurred due to major surgery, hospital stay and recuperation costs.The plan does not include a pre-existing condition.

Annual Medical

This is an annually renewable medical insurance with higher premiums and a vast coverage.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

This plan covers the cost of repatriation, or transporting an ill person from home to a nearby hospital as per the plan.

Travel Insurance for US Visitors

Relatives or simply tourists, who arrive in America, need to know that though the health care available here is excellent, but it is extremely expensive.  As such it is essential for incoming visitors to be insured.  This insurance covers the cost of treatment of unforeseen illness, hospital stay, diagnostic work and prescription drugs plus it also covers accidental injury.  Pre-existing illness is usually not covered by these plans.  Purchase of insurance also ensures that you can submit your paperwork to the consulate giving all appropriate details of your medical coverage, so that it can be instantly set into motion if claim is required.

Visitor Insurance plans fall into two categories, the Fixed Benefit Plan and the Comprehensive Coverage plans.

The Fixed benefit plans impose a limit to the benefits for the type of coverage provided. These plans have the lowest premiums payable but benefits accrued are also limited.  The Inbound USA and the Visitors Care are fixed benefit plans.

The Comprehensive Coverage plans do not have restrictions placed on benefits and usually provide for maximum coverage.  During the coverage period the insured visitor pays the deductible and 20% of the first $5000 and then the plan clicks and covers the entire 100% of the medical expenses.  This plan requires higher premiums and in the long run is more beneficial than the fixed plans.  Diplomat America, Atlas America, Liaison America and Patriot America are few of the Comprehensive Medical insurance plans.

Categories of Visitors Insurance

Visitor Travel Medical Insurance is suited for visiting family members.  This pan can be purchased anytime even during the visit and offers different levels of medical coverage, starting from $25,000 to $1,000,000.

USA Medical Insurance is an ideal plan for Visitors with a longer residence schedule.

Short Term Medical Insurance Plan is best suited to people on the lookout for work, and newly graduated students.

International Medical Insurance Plans cater to H1B, H4 visa holders as well as Green card holders.

International Student Health Insurance Plans is designed for foreign students, and F2 dependants.

J1 and J2 Visa health insurance is for visiting academia and exchange program visitors.  

Package trip Insurance plans are short term medical plans for tours, vacation and cruise travellers.

Savvy travellers purchase insurance, to provide for contingencies arising due to unforeseen events.  Insurance takes care and reduces mental agony and is cheaper in the long run.