Travel Insurance for UK

Travel in this space age is fraught with difficulties quite entirely its own, from outbreak of unheard viruses and persistent terrorist activity to problematic transport carriers.  The savvy traveler insures himself before traveling, hence avoiding unnecessary mental agony on a trip that is supposed to be a vacation.

Travel insurance offers coverage mainly and more importantly for medical treatment taken abroad.  Since UK has reciprocal agreements with some European countries, emergency healthcare is available at a minimal cost in these friendly countries, but in other countries, healthcare costs are prohibitive and can burn a large hole in your pocket.

Another important reason to acquire insurance is to cover for contingencies that invariably arise during travel like delayed departure, missed flights, curtailment of your trip, lost or stolen baggage and injury or death due to accidents.

Travel Insurance for UK Citizens/Residents

Before you embark on your travel its necessary to find out as much as you can about the place you intend to go to. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office maintains a comprehensive website that offers all information concerned with a particular place and help that you can access during an emergency. Compare different insurance policies, check the coverage they offer and more importantly if age limit applies.  Check if pre-existing conditions are covered.

Some types of Travel Insurance available are:

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single Trip Travel policy offers coverage for one single trip for a specified number of days. The policy offers coverage for emergency medical and miscellaneous expenses to the tune of five hundred thousand pounds.  Personal liability is offered cover up to two hundred thousand pounds plus emergency 24-hour medical assistance.  The three policies offered under the single trip insurance are:

The Standard Single Trip travel policy is offered for a maximum of a year.

The SuperCover policy is available to citizens/residents below 65 years of age and covers trips up to a year and a half.  The policy offers world wide coverage. 

The Insure-all Policy is a comprehensive policy which offers coverage for a year and a half and more importantly to a pre-existing condition at no extra expense.

The Annual Multi-Trip Insurance

This policy offers world wide coverage with options of 45 days of skiing and snowboarding.  The policy also covers unlimited trips of maximum two months and also offers 24-hr emergency medical help.  The policy is easy to renew.  The three different policies offered under the umbrella of annual multi trip policy are:

The Super cover policy offers coverage for an unlimited number of days not exceeding 183 days in total and to individuals less than 65 years of age.  No pre existing medical condition is covered under this policy.

The Standard Cover Annual Policy covers people up to 79 years of age, but does not cover a pre-existing medical condition.
The Insure All annual policy offers coverage for people aged up to 79 and even covers a pre-existing medical condition.

The Long Stay/Backpacker Travel Insurance

This type of insurance is ideal for students, single travelers in the age group of 18-45 years.  The policy covers holiday cancellations, lost baggage and documents plus a 24 hr emergency medical help.  This policy is also available in the Standard and Super Cover format.

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens in UK

Separate travel insurance is offered by accredited travel insurers for senior citizens above the age of 65 years.  The policy covers cancellations and a 24 hr emergency medical assistance.  In general,polices offering coverage tosenior citizens are few and expensive.

Travel Insurance for UK Expatriates

British citizens, who need to live abroad for an interval of time for work or other reasons, require adequate insurance coverage for your near and dear ones.  Living abroad has its own set of hassles; the most important feature is access to healthcare and protection of your life and income.   Beyond British borders, healthcare is not subsidized and can prove to be prohibitively expensive.  An international health insurance is a commendable option. 

Travel insurance for expatriates depends on the interval of time you will be staying away. Less than six months will not require a comprehensive policy, a basic policy offering coverage up to twenty five to fifty thousand pounds is sufficient. 

Staying away for more than six months requires a comprehensive policy, plus features like emergency evacuation and air ambulance, if you’re staying in a remote location.  Longer stay periods warranty coverage of over a million pounds.

Annual plans for a couple of years of stay are major health insurance plans covering, surgeries, maternity and psychiatric care.  Such plans offer coverage anywhere in the world, but individuals with an existing medical condition are not eligible.

Expatriate Life Insurance cover ensures a lump sum payment to your family in the event of demise and the policy can be acquired singly or as a couple.

Expatriate Critical Illness Insurance offers cover in the event of a serious disability or critical illness, a situation that is likely to cause change in your life.

Expatriate Life Insurance and Critical Illness cover combines the best features of the above two policies and is ideal for expatriates who desire for maximum coverage.

Expatriates also have the advantage of insuring their income under the International Income Protection Insurance.

Travel Insurance for UK Holidays

Holidaying in the UK can be an uplifting experience, but unforeseen circumstances can mar a holiday.  The main problems that arise are cancellation of a trip due to some reason, loss of baggage and medical emergencies.

A UK Holiday necessitates travel insurance and the knowledge that part of your expense will be reimbursed if for some reason you cancel your holiday can lead to a tension free holiday.  Cancellation of a holiday attracts a cancellation charge that also forfeits the deposit you have made.

The best bet is to acquire a Holiday Cancellation Insurance.  The policy offers coverage up to a thousand pounds under standard cover.

The insurance provides repayment of the deposit already paid, part expense that you have made and cannot be recovered, like accommodations etc.

Whether taking a holiday or leaving your country to work abroad, it is a wise decision to acquire an appropriate insurance.  An insurance cover acts as an umbrella of protection against unforeseen circumstances.