Tower Insurance Company

Tower Insurance Company is part of the Tower Group founded in the year 1990 by its Michael H Lee and is based out in New York, United states of America. Michael H Lee is the CEO, President and chairman of the board. It is one of the fifty largest providers of property and casualty insurance products in the United States of America. Though based out of New York, the company provides insurance services throughout the states of United States of America.

Lines of Insurance:

States licensed to sell insurance in:

Type of Insurance Company: Stock

Name of Parent Company:
Tower Group Companies

Insurance subsidiaries:
Tower Insurance Co. of New York
Tower National Insurance Co.

Tower Insurance Company Rating: A-

Company Financial Status:
Ticker Symbol: TWGP (NASDAQ)
Assets & Premiums: 2006 Assets: $954.1 million
2006 Premiums: $433 million

Tower Insurance Company Contact Details

President Michael H. Lee
120 Broadway, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10271
Phone Number: 212-655-2000

Where to send complaints:
Tower customer service
New York, NY 10271
Phone Number: 212-655-2000

Services Offered by Tower Insurance Company

Tower Insurance Company provides casualty and property insurance services as well as personal insurance products to individuals and small to mid-sized business through its retail and wholesale agent’s networks. It also offers specialty insurance products to its customers. The company works closely with its agents to assess the needs of the customers and create new insurance products to cater to the varying needs of the customers.

Benefits and Claims of Tower Insurance Company

Tower Insurance Company handles claims quickly, fairly and professionally. To meet its policy holders special needs, the company also tailor claim programs. The claim can be reported to the company directly or to the agent. The claim staffs provide valuable feedbacks to reduce the future claim and insurance cost to the policy holders.