Top Multi Car Insurance Quotes

Almost every third household owns at least two to three cars on the average. To meet these household’s needs, many insurance providers offer multi-car insurance policies, which aim to cover all the cars registered to one address under one policy. To get a multi car policy, you must first get the top multi car insurance quotes.

How Does Multi Car Insurance Work

Multi car policies are advertised to offer you a discount on the combined coverage. However, in this case, buying in bulk may not be the cheapest option at least for one member in the group. However, there are other advantages like one set of paperwork and single renewal every year. As most policies cover vehicles of people living in the same address, there is no need for those people to be related. Generally, the multi car policy for a group of individuals will be cheaper than the collective sum of each individual’s policy with the same provider.

Top Multi Car Insurance Quotes

All major providers offer their quotes for multi car insurance online on their website. You could also go with consolidator websites, where you need to fill just one form and get multi car quotes from different providers in one place. Listed here are some of the sites where you can get top multi car insurance quotes.


AAA members can use the facility of getting multi car insurance quotes from different providers and get a discount with their AAA membership. It is a good place to look for a new policy.


Progressive is an insurance company and offers multi car insurance quotes. It also gives you a comparison report from its three competitors to let you compare and take a decision.


Geico gets you quotes for a policy covering more than one vehicle with one form. You need to fill your personal and vehicles’ details to get the quote and buy your policy instantly.


Esurance has its own insurance policies. However, it also acts as a consolidator site offering quotes from its competitors. The unique feature here is that you can go with Esurance’s quote or choose to go with one of the competitor’s quote and buy the policy there.


On NetQuote, you have to provide your details once and you will get quotes from 10 different insurance companies. Your information will be passed on to different insurance providers, who will contact you by phone or email, whichever is your preferred mode of communication.

With such sites and more offering top multi car insurance quotes, the hassle of getting insurance is reduced to a great extent.

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