Top 20 Vehicle Insurance Companies in US

Top 20 providers of Vehicle Insurance in USA

There is no denying the fact that vehicle insurance is very important. If people take this lightly and if any untoward incidents happen, it may throw the life of the affected people into chaos. Nowadays, buying a vehicle insurance is very easy because every vehicle insurance company is offering online services. It has become easy to compare the vehicle insurance offered by various companies for making the right choice. These companies offer different packages and this makes comparison of their features all the more imperative. All the states of US have made auto insurance mandatory. The purpose of vehicle insurance is not only to protect the driver of the vehicle but others also, who are known as third parties in the insurance parlance. But, the protection available depends upon the policy opted for. Some of the common plans available in vehicle insurance are liability insurance, plans that cover bodily injuries, and those covering third parties. If people do not have their vehicles covered by an appropriate insurance policy, they are taking huge risks.

Let us now look into some of the top vehicle insurance companies in USA and their market share.

Insurer Market Share
State Farm 17.80%
Allstate 11.00%
GEICO 7.70%
Progressive     7.20%
Farmers 5.50%
Nationwide 4.70%
Infinity 3.00%

Others comprising Amica Auto Insurance,

Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance, Esurance,

Travelers Auto Insurance, etc. 46.1%

When customers search on the Internet, they may come across many vehicle insurance companies. But, it is necessary that they delve deep and find out how much importance these companies give to customer service and satisfaction. Then, they should choose the companies that provide the covers they want. By comparing the costs of the covers they provide, they should opt for the company and the plan that come at the most affordable costs.

Let us find out a few more details about the top 20 providers of vehicle insurance in USA. These details may help the customers to make an informed choice when they are looking for a vehicle insurance policy.


This company has been a vehicle insurance provider for the last 70 years. They are one of the first to develop and introduce the non-agent model for providing the required services to customers such as filing of claims, answering policy inquiries, etc. All these services are available over phone and the Internet. Because of this, they are able to make a good saving and the company passes on these savings to their clients by offering substantial discounts. Clients can have instant premium quotes online. The company does policy management also online.

Progressive Auto Insurance

This is one among the largest vehicle insurance companies and the company has been in the industry for more than 70 years. The company has introduced facilities like round-the-clock claims reporting, management and servicing of policies, etc. on their website.


Though Esurance does not possess the history of insurance companies like that of GEICO, Progressive, etc., they are quite popular because of their online presence and innovative and improved operational practices that include speedy writing of policies and claim settlement. This company is also called a "green company" because they always try to evolve environmentally-sound strategies that reduce consumption of paper. The company involves itself into planting of trees in forests that have been damaged by fire for mitigating pollution damages. Esurance has simplified the process of sale of their vehicle insurance policies. Drivers have to just enter their details, get the quotes and just buy the policies immediately. They can get the policies printed directly from their printers. Since this avoids delivery of policies by mail, a lot of time is saved. There are no hassles like the agents trying to push various additional features.

The company offers a free quote for 6 minutes apart from details of rates of other companies for the sake of comparison. This will help customers to make their choice and buy the policy that suits them online.

Esurance policyholders also benefit from an online claims process that features the impressive, real-time repairs monitoring program that is known as E-star. The company is popular for its highly informative website, savings-oriented operations and quick claim processing.

Nationwide Auto Insurance

This company that has assets more than $161 billions was initially offering their policies only to farmers, ranchers and so on. This was intended to offer policies to these people at affordable rates because if policies were offered to urban drivers, the premium rates might go up due to the riskier conditions of the urban areas. But now, the company has expanded its vehicle insurance operations covering all the areas and all types of drivers. The main benefits customers get are free iPhone application and complete guarantees on the repairs of cars.


USAA was originally offering vehicle insurance plans to US army officers only because they could not obtain covers because of their high-risk status. Now, they are offering policies to military's other branches also that include non-officers, reservists and government agencies like the FBI. The best features of the company are their savings-oriented operations, substantial discounts and other benefits to the policyholders.

Farmers Insurance

This company has been operating in the insurance field for nearly 90 years. The original intention was to make appropriate policies available to farmers as well as ranchers who lived in rural areas. Now, they are offering suitable plans to all the geographic locations and drivers with all types of backgrounds. The main benefits customers may get from this company are good discounts, rewards, etc. and customized plans.

State Farm

This company was formed with an intention to benefit farmers and ranchers with low premium rates because unlike the urban motorists, these farmers and ranchers might not be driving frequently and their driving conditions were not as risky as those of urban drivers. Now, the company has carefully expanded and is offering appropriate vehicle insurance policies in USA as well as Canada. Some of the appreciable features of the company are its excellent customer service and its ubiquitous presence in USA and Canada.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers a variety of policies that cover all types of repairs, both minor and major. The company offers a program called Total Liberty Care Facilities that is intended to provide expedited services. One of the main features of the company is their offer of 12-month policies. Customers can enjoy multi-policy savings also.

All State

Allstate insurance company provides policy flexibility to its customers. The car replacement program of the company is quite popular. Customers are happy with the deductible discounts that are available for every accident-free year.


This company has been in the insurance industry for more than a century. The company is making all possible efforts to improve roads and for enhancing the standards of vehicle safety. The insurance functions of the company are confined to roadside assistance, initial towing, first aid that covers other automobiles, etc. The company offers services like travel guides and other resources like maps, etc. By becoming members of AAA, customers can have discounts with retailers who are affiliated to them. Some of the features of the company are comprehensive and excellent roadside assistance, approved auto repair facilities, travel discounts and retail discounts.


GMAC Insurance offers various types of plans and customers will have a lot of choices to choose from. The company has its presence in many countries like Canada and in many Latin American and Asian countries. The more attractive feature of the company is that they offer affordable premium rates. Further, the company has what is called GM Motor Club and according to the company, they will not leave their customers stranded. The company has RV insurance for providing special coverage for specialized vehicles.


Even if customers have accident records, they can get vehicle insurance covers from Infinity. Likewise, those who have problems with their age or occupation can also buy vehicle insurance plans from this company. The premium rates of the company are quite low. One of the attractive features of the company is that they have made it easy for customers to manage their policies online. Customers can make payments, have their inquiries clarified, etc. online.

21st Century Vehicle Insurance

This company is popular for the excellent customer service it offers. Customers can get good guidance for choosing the plans that suit them. Their plans do not have any hidden clauses and so, customers need not have undue worries about them. The company has a program known as Farmers Circle of Dependability with a network of 2,200 repair facilities throughout the country for providing high-quality repair services to its customers. The company offers roadside assistance absolutely free of cost.

Travelers Insurance Company

This Fortune 500 company is popular among customers because the company offers various types of discounts. Multi-car discounts, hybrid auto discounts, good discounts, good driver's discounts, etc. are some of the discounts offered by the company. It has its presence in countries like UK and Canada. The company offers competitive rates and apart from that, it offers as many as 15 money-saving discounts. These discounts are extended for the vehicles' safety features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, anti-theft devices, etc. For hybrid cars, there are more discounts.

Amica Auto Insurance Company

The company is popular for its focus and commitment towards customer satisfaction. There are various auto discounts offered by this company. Customers can make use of Amica Adviser for choosing the right plan that suits their needs. For rendering personal service, the company has A mobile website is there for customers to get good service. The company settles claims quickly and efficiently.

American International Group

Being one of the largest vehicle insurance companies in the US, this company settles claims very quickly. The premium rates of the company are highly competitive. The company is popular for its responsive claim handling and financial strength and has its presence in many countries.

The Hartford Insurance Group

Customers do not hesitate to appreciate this company for its excellent service and highly ethical ways of handling their business. There are many discounts available in the vehicle insurance plans the company offers. The premium rates of the company are also affordable. The no-drop promise, replacement of new car and the round-the-clock roadside assistance are the attractive features of this company. The company offers vehicle insurance for recreational vehicles also. Customers can buy a personal umbrella insurance with which they can protect themselves from law suits that may turn out to be bigger than they imagine.

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

Among the vehicle insurance companies, Chubb Group holds a significant status. They offer some of the covers that are normally not available in standard vehicle insurance policies. The company offers innovative plans that may suit the needs of various types of customers. Customer service of this company is also very good.

CNA Insurance Company

The company has many years of experience in the auto body repair industry and in car washes. They know what type of insurance every type of vehicle needs and accordingly offers specialized vehicle insurance plans that may suit the various requirements of customers. Since the company has excellent financial strength, it is able to settle the claims of customers quickly. Customers can get round-the-clock service from this company.

American Family Insurance Group

This company that has 80 years of experience in the insurance sector, provides affordable vehicle insurance plans. Customers can get dependable protection from this company. Qualified customers will get good discounts in the premium rates. The company provides round-the-clock access to customers. Claims are handled quickly and efficiently.

The present age is the Information Age. Customers can get all the information they want from the Internet. So, before buying their vehicle insurance, they should do a thorough research and choose the most appropriate plan that may suit their needs perfectly.