Sublimity Insurance Company

In 1896 The Farmers Fire Relief Association of Sublimity was established as a mutual insurance company. The company was rechristened as Sublimity Fire Insurance Company in 1954. Again in 1972 the company owned a new name - Sublimity Insurance Company. Gradually the company incorporated automobile to its product line. Sublimity merged with United Heritage Financial Group, of Meridian Idaho.

Sublimity Insurance Company Products

Auto Insurance

The company offers a comprehensive range of coverage to cater to the vehicle budgetary needs of people.

Home Insurance

The company provides varying levels of insurance coverage for your home spanning from basic actual value to replacement cost insurance.

Farm Insurance

Company’s farm owners’ policies are designed to insure small to medium sized farm or ranch. Sublimity insures high end farming operations and covers the overall operation of farms which are above average in condition, maintenance and upkeep.

Umbrella Insurance

The umbrella insurance offers an additional layer of accountability protection on the primary policy in case of catastrophic loss.

Renters Insurance

With a comprehensive range of renters insurance, the company can enable you protect your personal property and personal liabilities exposures.

Rental Property Insurance

Sublimity also offers protection on your rental property investments along with the liability that naturally comes with the ownership.

Benefits of Sublimity Insurance Company

Policyholder can get the insurance cover for several liabilities and assets like farm, home, vehicle etc on investing a small amount.

Claims of Sublimity Insurance Company

Sublimity Insurance Company has been providing the fast claim service to the policyholders.

The company representative contacts the policyholder after the receipt of claim. He explains the claim process and keeps the policyholder updated on the current status of the claim, and resolves the claim expeditiously and fairly.