State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company

State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company was established in the year 1921. Since the inception, State Auto promoted the separate agency system as the ideal approach to cater the needs of its policy holders. Today too, as hometown neighbors, regional independent agents continue to offer professional and more customized and personalized service compared to their competitors.

At present the State Auto Insurance Company has almost 2,000 associates on board and promotes its services and products facilitating nearly 3,000 separate agencies at 33 states. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the local headquarters are located in Nashville TN, Columbus OH, Indianapolis IN, Baltimore MD and Austin TX.

Services and Products by State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company

Following are the State Auto’s current coverage policies for all your diverse requirements:


Under this category the company offers insurance towards Property, Vehicles, Liability, Umbrella Excess Liability, Risk Control Services, Worker’ Compensation, Association Program and Middle Market Insurance.


Under the category of personal insurance the company offers Auto, Home, Umbrella and Other insurance coverage.


The types of insurance coverages that are expected under this category are:

  • Dwellings
  • Household Property
  • Farm Barns or Structures
  • Farm Property
  • Livestock
  • Liability


State Auto provides with two sureties of following nature:

  • Commercial Surety

The categories of most common bonds falling under this surety are License and Permit, Public Official and Probate.

  • Contract Surety

The company also offers personalized service to contractors generating annual sales of $5 million or less.


State Auto also offer coverage over floods. It has joined hands with the third-party administrator National Flood Services to offer flood insurance coverage in the form of federally-backed National Flood Insurance Program.

Benefits of State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company

In addition to offering all the vehicle and personal insurance, state auto insurance company is more popular for offering bonds and its flood policy in case of any disaster. The beneficiaries can rebuild the ruined property and can start one’s life afresh in any event of natural calamities.

Claim of State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company

Like any other insurance company certain paper formalities and proofs would be required to claim for the insurance which can be learned by contacting any agent of the company.