Standard Security Life Insurance Company

Standard Security Life Insurance Company is a New York based company that provides health insurance, life cover, and disability insurance policies.

The company is also into HMO reinsurance, excess loss insurance, point of service plans, and products for volunteer firefighters. It functions in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. The company was established in 1958 and functions as a subsidiary of Independence Holding Company.


Standard Security Life offers several plans for life, health and disability insurance that includes:

  • Employer medical stop-loss insurance distributed nationally.
  • Small Group Major Medical in majority of states and the District of Columbia.
  • Disability Benefit Law, a short-term statutory disability insurance needed for most employers in the NY.
  • Short-Term Medical insurance governed by Health Plan Administrators, the second largest administrator of this line.
  • HMO Reinsurance and Excess Loss coverage which is marketed nationwide.
  • Group term life products marketed at national level.
  • Specialty programs developed for Volunteer Emergency Service Personnel which includes group life insurance and service awards programs
  • Apart from the healthcare insurance for families and peoples, the Standard Security Life Insurance Company also offers a span of products for small enterprises.
  • The company provides with standard HMO plans and POS plans. A range of plans are available, from "lite" coverage which offers basic doctor and specialist visits, along with hospital and emergency care, to more comprehensive plans which add maternity care diagnostics, maternity care, including mental health coverage.
  • The company offers limited and short-term medical plans, along with specialty offers like Disability Benefit Law needed for New York employers and specialty plans for personnel involved in the Volunteer Emergency Services.


All these insurance products and plans cover the medical expenses, life risk and other employment related risks that can occur in a day to day life.


Claim can be made by approaching the company’s agent and subsequently you need to fill in some requisite forms and submit all the required documents to receive the claim made.