South Dakota Dental Insurance Plans

Just like having medical insurance helps people stay healthy, access to dental care leads to better dental and general health. There is increasing scientific evidence that serious health conditions first manifest in the mouth. To be able to access affordable dental care, it is essential to have insurance. Dental insurance varies from state to state. There are a few insurance carriers in South Dakota which offer affordable dental insurance to consumers.

How South Dakota dental Insurance works:

Dental insurance in South Dakota works in the same fashion as medical insurance. Consumers have to buy coverage by paying fixed premiums listed by insurance companies. Unlike medical coverage, dental premiums cover set benefits like regular checkups, x-rays, cleanings, fillings and anything that promotes oral health. Some plans offer better coverage than others. Some plans require more financial participation from consumers for services.

Dental Plans available in South Dakota:

Two types of major dental insurance plans are available to residents of South Dakota. They are:

PPOs: Preferred Provider Organizations usually guarantee the maximum costs on services. These costs have to be approved by dentists who are part of the network. Dentists agree to provide specific services to the patient pool of a network. These plans are comprehensive and good overall. Patients will occasionally have to wait to get procedures done and may be restricted to a set number. Only a few services may be available from dentists outside the network. More often than not, patients have to pay even for emergency care. There is just 1 PPO provider in the state.

Discount Plants: This type varies from other dental plans in that insurance companies don’t interact with a dentist directly. They don’t do reimbursements for patients either. Subscribers/patients pay a set monthly/annual fee for which they get a discount card. This card lets a member get unlimited care at low rates from dentists within the plan. These plans can also vary widely based on the provider. There are 2 discount plan providers in South Dakota.

Below are some of Dental Insurance Policies and Providers in South Dakota

Aetna Dental

  • True Advantage

Careington International

  • Plan 500
  • Plan 500 Multi Care
  • Plan 500 Total Care


  • Preventive Plus PPO

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