South Carolina Dental Insurance Plans

Health now-a-days has become a general concern for people. In view of this various insurance service providers offer health insurance. Dental insurance is the part of that were one can enroll with several dentists to receive consultation and treatment benefits without any hassle and complications. In South Carolina a lot of good dentists and dental insurance service providers are present. They offer coverage at personal and group level in dental diseases and causalities. Broadly there are different types of insurance plans available with distinct features, advantages and benefits. Here is the list of dental insurance plans offered in South Carolina:

  • Dental Discount Plan
  • Prescription Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • Group Dental Plan
  • Indemnity Dental Plan
  • Preferred Provider Organization(PPO) Dental Plan

How does South Carolina Dental Insurance Work

It works like all the health insurance plans. Patients get the consultation and other benefit by paying some monthly, quarterly or predefined periodic premiums to the insurance provider. One can avail the services like cleaning, basic filling, X-ray and other general assistance. In some plans severe and acute diseases are also covered. Customers can pay in advance to the dentists or insurance firm for future services or can first make all the payments and can claim later to get reimbursed. There is good flexibility in paying options for the patients in these plans.

Details of the Plans:

1. Dental Discount Plan:Discount plans are designed to benefit those users who have not enough dental coverage. They can access unlimited gains from various dentists and hospitals at discounted premiums. Here the patients can make the payments directly to the consultants and the insurance provider does not offer reimbursement option. One can minimize his risk of excess payment by going for this insurance plan.

2. Prescription Plan: In prescription plans the patients have a list of in-network dentists and pharmacists also. Apart from the treatment coverage they can take the discount benefits if they purchase the medicines and get the tests from specified medical stores and pathology and diagnostic centers.

3. Vision Plans:It offers a great combination of dental care and eye care. One can use the wide network of doctors and specialists to face any medical need and causalities. These add on features can be of advantageous to the people having multiple medical problems and they cannot take many insurance plans.

4. Group Dental Plan: This plan is very useful were members in the family are many in number. As the name suggests premium are being paid at group level and every participant get the benefits. A list of participating dentists and clinics is shared with the policy documents.

5. Indemnity Dental Plan: In this category the policy holder need not to pay full payment; it is shared with the dental insurance provider. Whatever payment is made by the patients, they can put a claim afterwards with the relevant papers and supporting bills. Before purchasing this plan, one must check the turnaround time for appointment fixing, consultation time, payment cycle etc.

6. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Dental Plan: In PPO plans the insurer provides the detail of all preferred dentists who participate in rendering the services at a reduced rate. Patient can chose any dentist at the time of dental care needs. Sometimes these plans offer the facility to use out of the network dental consultants but the insurer pays only given limit and rest is borne by the customer only.

A lot of service providers are present in South Carolina with excellent combinations of these plans to make their customers delighted. Patients also have wider range of options to choose from various South Carolina dental insurance plans. 

Below are some of Dental Insurance Policies and Providers in South Carolina

Aetna Dental

True Advantage

American National

  • Confident Smile
  • Perfect Smile

Careington International

  • Plan 500
  • Plan 500 Multi Care
  • Plan 500 Total Care


  • Preventive Plus PPO

Nationwide Life Insurance Co.

Patriot Health Inc.

Gold Plan

Gold Plan 15

Security Life Insurance Company

  • Option 40
  • Option 42
  • Option 45

Stonebridge (Encore Dental)

  • Plan A
  • Plan B

Symetra Life Insurance Company

  • Preferred 42
  • Preferred 45

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