Savings Bank Life Insurance Company

Protection of family is a primary concern, particularly because unwanted events can be detrimental and may mar comfortable living. That is where life insurance comes into picture. One of the popular companies is Savings Bank life Insurance. This company has multiple extensive packages that can offer the customers the best coverage for life protection.


Savings Bank Life Insurance has many branches operating throughout the United States. Every branch abides by the standardized rulings for the state so the customer can receive the best assistance.

The initial set of products that Savings Bank Life Insurance offers is term life insurance. This is temporary insurance that can be kept for ten to thirty years. This company also offers whole life assurance, which is a policy that lasts throughout your lifetime with single coverage cost that you can keep safely.

Savings Bank Life Insurance Company Profile

Lines of Insurance:

States licensed to sell insurance in:

Type of Insurance Company: Mutual

Savings Bank Life Insurance Company Rating: A+

Company Financial Status:
Assets & Premiums: 2005 Assets: $1.8 Billion
2005 Premiums: $183.9 Million

Savings Bank Life Insurance Company Benefits

Savings Bank life insurance also offers extra products that are useful for those people who are in need of extra support. One of the attractive packages available is children's life insurance. If something untoward happens to your children, then you will be entirely covered for the costs. Elder care is also offered, which has particular advantages that are specific to the requirements of seniors. You can also get assistance with different annuities on the site, like retirement plans.

For anyone who is in need of protection and care, can have the best assistance through Savings Bank Life Insurance. The several factors that are involved in their products and services can walk you through to keep your family safe. Understanding the various concepts involved in this company and searching a product that fits your requirements can then ensure that you can receive the help required while staying protected.

Savings Bank Life Insurance Company Claims

The claims are made by filling appropriate forms offered by the company which should be accompanied by proper documents and supporting. The claim may take some time to be released by the company.

Savings Bank Life Insurance Company Contact Details & Phone Number

Savings Bank Life Insurance
President  Robert K. Sheridan
One Linscott Road
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone Number: 781-938-3500

Where to send complaints:
Savings Bank Life Customer Service
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone Number: 800-795-7254