Sagicor Allnation Insurance Company

About Sagicor Allnation Insurance Company

Sagicor Allnation Insurance Company is an international health insurance company based in the U.S and licensed by the State of Delaware. It is rated “A” (Excellent) by the AM Best Company. It was founded in 1977 and was acquired in 2001 by Sagicor Life. Sagicor Allnation provides high quality health insurance to both groups and individuals even on an international bases. A 24 hour customer service, emergency assistance and claims administration is provided by Sagicor for its clients. Sagicor Allnation is completely owned by Sagicor Life, Inc. Few of the company’s health products include of dental insurance, accidental death insurance, critical illness and hospital cash plans.

Services Offered by Sagicor Allnation Insurance Company

The services of Sagicor Allnation Insurance Company are grouped in two sectors - “Individual Health” and “Group Health”

Individual Health – The policies that are available under the Individual Health are :

  • Classic Gold & Silver Silver : This is a U.S. dollar policy that provides superior coverage to international clients, residing outside the United States. The plans offer a really good worldwide coverage for inpatient hospitalization, outpatient treatments, physician visits, prescription drugs, preventative care and emergency air ambulance as well.
  • Optional Dental Plan : This is an international dental coverage which inturn provides a comprehensive dental care.
  • Optional Accidental Death Insurance : This policy is available as an optional “rider” on either the Classic Gold or Select Silver plans.
  • Critical Illness Plan for Individuals : This insurance policy is ideal for those individuals who desire to have a high quality international critical illness plan. The plan can either be taken as a stand-alone coverage or as a compliment to an individuals major medical health insurance plan for their protection against a critical illness.
  • Hospital Cash Plan : Health insurance policies are mainly taken to cover the majority of medical expenses for hospitalization. But the chances that some portion of the expenses will be left unpaid are always high. At times of a prolonged hospitalization, these small expenses can grow to become a huge substantial amount and create financial problems later on. No matter if it's a deductible, co-insurance, services not covered or lost wages, the hospital cash plan provides extra cash to the insured when it’s needed the most.
  • Special Risk Protection : This policy is for clients who wish to protect themselves, their family members or their business associates against certain cases such as kidnap, extortion and hijack. This plan is the most comprehensive in the world since it provides peace of mind to its clients on the bases of safety.

Group Health – The policy that comes under the Group Health is :

Group Medical Insurance : This policy offers an international medical coverage for clients and their dependents while on a work assignments out of the country. The international group health insurance provides a superior medical coverage for its clients along with a 24 hour emergency medical assistance .

Benefits and Claims of Sagicor Allnation Insurance Company

The Benefits provided by Sagicor Allnation Insurance Company are :

  • A reimbursement of 100% is given to the clients with no deductible for the Class I dental services including preventative treatment and necessary diagnostic examinations as well.
  • A reimbursement of 80% is given to the clients after deductible for Class II dental services including basic restoration, periodontal treatments and oral surgery.
  • The Sagicor Allnation Insurance Company provides a comprehensive worldwide medical coverage such as intensive care, inpatient hospitalization, physician visits, prescription drugs, laboratory tests, maternity and human organ transplants.
  • A 24 hour customer service, emergency assistance and evacuation services is always available for the clients to contact.
  • The company has a record of paying the claims fast and accurately in U.S. dollars.