Public Claims Adjusters

A claims adjuster is the person who works from the beginning through to the settlement of a claim. They deal with the policy holders and insurance companies to repair or replace damaged property. The adjuster investigates the causes of damage and the extent of loss. At this time it is necessary to be licensed in forty four of the States to operate as a claims adjuster.

How Is A Public Claims Adjuster Different?

A public claims adjuster performs the same tasks as a claims adjuster working for an insurance company. The difference lies not in the job they do, but for whom they do that job. In the case of a public claims adjuster they are advocates of the policy holder rather than the insurance company that will end up paying the claim. A public claims adjuster is paid a percentage of the settled dollar amount for the claim and is hired by the policy holder. They usually come into play when a policy holder feels they are not receiving adequate attention from their insurance company's provided claims adjustor or they disagree with the settlement amount following a claim.

What Are The Duties of Public Claims Adjusters?

Public claims adjusters work the same way as those who are employed by the insurance company. Although most times public claims adjusters deal with larger property damage claims they also routinely handle:

  • The evaluation of property value.
  • The assessment of damage to the property.
  • They examine the loss or income due to work stoppages following a claim from damage.
  • They will provide a dollar amount for the value of property damage and loss pertaining to covered property.
  • They will prepare documentation of the claim as it progresses to settlement.
  • They can work toward settlements with insurance companies on behalf of the policy holder.
  • They are able to re-open claims for additional repair or replacement or increased dollar amount of settlement if discrepancies arise.

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