Personal Health Care

Health is wealth. Every individual should be careful about health and should always incorporate some basic health practices and make them a habit. But the key issue creeps up as how to begin with it?

A simple and most working way is to set smaller goals instead of large ones, which are easy to follow and are achievable. A diet plan should be prepared which includes all kinds of vegetables and fruits and healthy nutrients and everything in definite proportion. A bowl of pulses should be taken in the breakfast along with either eggs or a glass of milk.

A complete food should be taken in lunch and after the heavy meal, buttermilk or curd would assist digestion. A small distance walk should be taken if the environment is soothing and fine. If walk is not possible in the afternoon, early morning walk or an evening walk should always be taken.

Certain kind of light physical exercises must be under taken, if not that then either meditation or yoga should be adapted to. Breathing exercises keeps the body fresh, healthy and rejuvenated. If one has some physical issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems or others then proper care should be taken and special diet suggested by the dietician should be followed.

Only consulting the medical practitioner would not suffice, but to follow the prescriptions would work out wonders.

If one is overweight, the chance for heart disease increases. In such cases the calorie intake should be controlled, only that much amount of calories should be taken which is burned out in regular routine activities. Staying appropriate requires two things, first, eating perfect and staying active. High fat dairy products should be ignored. The amount of sugar and carbohydrate must be reduced. Light oil should be used to prepare the food like cotton oil, sunflower oil etc.

Skin cancer can be prevented by spending less time in hot scorching sun, wearing sun glasses and covered clothes would help a bit. Certain injuries can be prevented by taking precautions well in advance. Cease-fire should be deployed in each home and office and should be used immediately when smoke or fire is detected.

Smoke detectors should be used to detect the smoke and their batteries should be checked regularly. The staircase and the corridors should be well lit.

While away from home and driving, putting on seat belts is must. Intake of alcohol should be avoided while driving, or rather at any time. Helmets should be used while biking. Safety rules should be followed on the road. Zebra crossing should be used while crossing the roads.

When fallen ill and depending on the medicines, the expiry date should always be noticed. Knowing about the contents and ingredients would at times help better. More medicines or medicines for longer duration must be avoided. The dosages prescribed should be followed with due care.

Specifically for ladies, hormone therapy should be taken during menopause period which relieves of the pain and symptoms and reduces the chances of osteoporosis. But certain harmful effects of hormone therapy should be taken care of before adhering to it. Sexually transmitted diseases cause serious problems, so prevention should be taken in this respect and if any symptoms are detected then the doctor should be consulted immediately.

Folic acid should be taken at the time of pregnancy which is rich in vitamin B. it helps in reducing the risk of having a defected baby. If it is taken before actually getting pregnant the advantages would increase manifold. Fruits rich in vitamin C and folate should be included in the diet.

In case of depression, psychiatrist should be consulted soon. Delay in this respect may increase unnecessary tensions. Hence, proper care should be taken of one self to be disease proof.

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