New York Dental Insurance Plans

Taking care of your oral health is very important. Just like regular health checks, people have to see dentists twice a year for checkups and cleanings. Dental and medical insurance coverage is usually available to employees through their companies at group rates. It pays to do a bit of research to find the most suitable plan for you and your family.

How dental insurance in New York works:

It is always beneficial to get insurance through employers as substantial discounts are available to consumers. For those who don’t have access through employers, health savings accounts are an option. Associations like the AARP also offer members access to affordable dental insurance.

Types of Dental Insurance Plans in New York:

There are 4 types of plans to choose from. Finding the right one to suit your needs will take some research and looking at quotes for different providers. There are basic plans in New York to choose from and they are:

  • DHMO: Dental health maintenance organizations offer the most affordable pricing for basic care. Patients pay a set fee which is monthly or annual and can get free care or at reduced prices. Dentists are paid by the provider and this helps them to offer quality care. There are restrictions on some procedures that dentists can offer. If a patient has to get procedures not covered by the plan, then they have to pay extra. There is just one DHMO provider in New York
  • PPO: Preferred provider organizations work with a larger network of dentists. Patients can choose from a list of dentists who offer good services. PPOs, unlike DHMOs cover a percentage of costs instead of paying a flat rate. This percentage is quite significant depending on the procedure required. Check which services are covered and also what the policies for out of network services are before signing up. There are 2 PPO providers in New York.
  • Discount Plans: Also called ‘Fee for Service’ plans, patients pay a monthly or annual fee and get a discount card. This entitles them to get care at discounted rates. The cost of membership is relatively low compared to the savings that people get on their care. It is important to check a provider’s fee schedule and their payment terms before signing up. There are 5 discount plan providers in New York.
  • Indemnity Plans: These plans offer patients the most freedom in picking a dentist. On the flip side, it would mean higher costs to the patients. Under an indemnity plan, patients are reimbursed only after the bills have been reviewed. Reimbursements are processed on the basis of a “fee schedule” which lists charges that are covered for each procedure and based on a ceiling. Patients should get familiar with schedules and how often these are updated before picking a provider. There are 2 indemnity plan providers in New York.

Below are some of Dental Insurance Policies and Providers in New York

Aetna Dental

  • True Advantage

Argus Dental

  • Smile Card Plan

Careington International

  • Plan 500
  • Plan 500 Multi Care
  • Plan 500 Total Care

Delta Dental Insurance Co.

  • Dental for Everyone
  • Dental for Everyone Gold
  • Dental for Everyone Gold PPO
  • Dental for Everyone Gold PPO/Vision
  • Dental for Everyone PPO


  • Northeast


  • Capdent Plan New York

Nationwide Life Insurance Co.

  • Classic 1500
  • Classic 2000
  • Classic Select 2000
  • PPO Advantage

Security Life Insurance Company

  • Option 40
  • Option 42
  • Option 45

Stonebridge (Encore Dental)

  • Plan A
  • Plan B

Symetra Life Insurance Company

  • Preferred 42
  • Preferred 45

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