Mountain Laurel Insurance Company

One of the relatively well known companies, Mountain Laurel Insurance company ensures that your vehicles that bring all the cargo and the goods to it proper destination is in perfect shape to do so. The need to keep the vehicles functioning well is deeply understood by the insurance company and that’s they have made it possible for all those vehicle owners to take up the insurance cover for their vehicles. They have more than 30,000 people working as agents for the benefit of the all the vehicle owners and company vehicles. More than 60% of the business comes from these agents who make it a point to enlist the vehicle owners to become regular customers of the company. Beside the agents working for the company, the Mountain Laurel Insurance Company also have agents who work on behave of their other sister organizations. The growth was quite dynamic in the year 2009 with a growth of 13.4% from the year before. 

Policies and Prices

The company offers various insurance covers and the new policy to join the list of coverage’s offered include the pet injury policy which is a very exclusive one for them. This coverage was for especially for pet that included the common pet’s dogs and cats and with injury being a common factors for most pet. The pet injury coverage came as great boon to most pet owners.

How to Claim

Located in Ohio USA, it is quite accessible as their contact details are on their website where they have very impressive presence on the web. Hence, where it is big or small automobiles or good carriers for organizations, pet injuries or accidents all are covered well and therefore it is a great advantage for the people for whom taking an auto insurance cover or a pet injury cover is beneficial. Easy to claim process make it even more convenient. 

Mountain Laurel Insurance Company Info

Lines of Insurance:

States licensed to sell insurance in:

Type of Insurance Company: Property and Casualty

Name of Parent Company:
Progressive Insurance Group

Mountain Laurel Company Rating: A+

Mountain Laurel Company Financial Status:
Ticker Symbol: PGR

Mountain Laurel Company Phone Number & Contact Details

Mountain Laurel
CEO and President Glenn M. Renwick
6300 Wilson Mills Road, W33
Mayfield Village, OH 44143

Where to send complaints:
Mountain Laurel Assurance Company
Mayfield Village, OH 44143