Motorcycle Insurance Claim Procedure

If your motorcycle is in an accident, you have to keep in mind several things relating to your motorcycle insurance claim procedure. There are things you need to know before the vehicle is in accident and some that you need to know and follow immediately after the incident.

Good Practice

  • Try to keep up to date photographs of your vehicle. This will serve as an evidence of your bike’s condition if something happens.
  • Read your policy and understand the coverage terms and motorcycle insurance claim procedure of the insurer.
  • Keep photocopies of your bike’s papers in your house and in your bike. You can give a copy to the police in case of an incident. This will help avoid any mistake in the details.
  • Always have a pen and paper in your bike to note down information in case of an emergency.

General Motorcycle Insurance Claims Procedure

The policy terms and claims procedures might vary among the providers. However, there are some general or common procedures.

When in an accident, you have to check the following before leaving the scene.

  • You have to get the other party’s details including the vehicle and insurance information.

  • If the other party refuses to share the information or leaves the place, you need to call the cops immediately.

  • Gather information from the witnesses.

  • If possible, take pictures of the scene (before moving anything). Also, try making a sketch of the whole incident.

  • Share your information (vehicle and insurance) with the other party, especially if anyone is injured on their side.

  • Do not take responsibility for the accident (even if it is your fault) by admitting liability.

  • Do not discuss anything other than sharing the essential details with the other party.

  • Inform your insurer right away, even if you are not planning to make a claim. Give a detailed report and check what forms and documents to submit.

  • If you need to make repairs to your vehicle, check with your insurer for covered mechanics.

The essential elements of the motorcycle insurance claims procedure are when to call and what to share. Most insurers would want you to call them before you take any action to repair your bike. Some would even want to come and assess the scene right away. Therefore, call your claim’s person immediately after the incident. You need to provide your contact details along with those of the other party involved in the accident and any witnesses. Then you need to provide the details (registration, make and model) of the vehicles involved in the accident.  You also need to share when, where and if possible how the whole thing happened.

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