Long Term Travel Insurance in US

Travelling has become a very important part of our lives, be it for business purposes, educational tours or leisure trips. Due to high disposable incomes, more people are travelling now-a-days, be it within one’s own country or abroad. Everyone wants to enjoy their vacation without any stress and tensions so it is advisable to buy travel insurance while booking your trip.

Travel insurance is an insurance which covers monetary and other losses incurred by the insured while he is travelling within his own country or abroad. Travel insurance is not a luxury these days but a necessity in these uncertain times as it protects you from incurring losses be it financial or others and safeguards you from unforeseen circumstances.

There are different types of Travel Insurance, depending on the needs of the insured. One among them is the Long Stay Travel Insurance.

Long Stay Travel Insurance is meant for all those people who intend to stay for longer periods ranging from two months to one year for carrying out their business activities, for educational purposes, or for spending a relaxed holiday with the loved ones.

The Long Stay Travel Insurance reduces the risks involved in travelling, like some illness, injury or theft of personal belongings. Long Stay Travel Insurance protects you from any kind of risk, be it financial or otherwise during the duration of the travel starting from the departure for the destination to the travel period and the return to home.

The Long Stay Travel Insurance covers expenditure incurred on medical treatment in case the insured gets injured in an accident or falls ill. The insurance will also cover expenditure incurred for sending the injured or an ailing insured back to his home. This type of insurance also covers expenditure on lost, damaged or stolen baggage, theft of personal belongings, including travel documents like passport,  theft or damage to sports equipment, and legal expenses.

Some insurance companies also provide cover for all the members of the family who are travelling together.

Benefits of the Long Term Travel Insurance in the US

People of all age groups who intend to go on a long-term trip can go in for Long Stay Travel Insurance. Some of the benefits of Long Stay Travel Insurance are:

  1. Long Stay Travel Insurance reduces the risk involved with travelling like health problems, some injury or theft of personal belongings.
  2. Since medical services are very expensive in almost all the parts of the United States, Long Stay Travel Insurance will cover the medical expenditure incurred in case of an accident or an illness, protecting you from high medical bills.
  3. In case of loss or theft of personal belongings and baggage, the insurance company will compensate your loss fully or partially by paying compensation to you.
  4. Insurance companies generally provide 24-hour medical help to those people who take Long Stay Travel Insurance. Some insurance companies even cover ailments which existed before the purchase of the insurance.
  5. Long Stay Travel Insurance also covers medical expenditure of accidents incurred due to participation in adventure sports like parasailing, scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding etc.
  6. Long Stay Travel Insurance will also help you in recovering your money due to cancellation or disruption of the trip due to an illness, injury or death in the immediate family or natural disasters like cyclone, earthquake, flood and tsunami.
  7. In case of natural disasters like cyclone, floods, typhoons and tsunami, insurance companies will assist you in evacuating from the affected area and bear the expenditure for sending you back home.

A Long Stay Travel Insurance policy is essential for those who want to go to a different city, state or country for longer durations as it will protect the insured from all kinds of risks.