List of Insurance Companies in USA

Insurance companies in USA are different types, there are several insurance companies and each of them is of special category companies. Some of them are:

These insurance companies have different policies. Some of them insure auto mobiles, products, health, life time insurance and so many. These insurance policies are some type of security for the products that if we had lost them in any accidents or stolen.

These insurance policies will give us more benefits, while coming to health care. For example when a patient is need of urgent surgery then in USA the doctor had asked them to submit the insurance policy papers at hospital and they operate the patient. This is the advantage in USA.

These insurance companies provides different policies for different period of time such as

Auto mobiles, Products

1-5 years

Health care policies

Minimum of 5-10 years

Pension policies (or) Income Life Insurance policy

Life time policy

Business policy

Up to 6-10 years

Family  policy

Life time policy (or) Yearly policy of 10-15 years

These insurance policies can give us benefits, when we are at old age. Pension plan is a very good policy that can give us a life time income every month until we die. And Family policy is another policy that can give a support for the family, suppose if a person has died suddenly and the family entirely depends on that person’s income then, this policy gives the amount to the nominees of family to survive their lives.

Insurance Companies by State