Is There Any Dental Insurance For Restorative Care

Dental insurance normally characterize the type of dental care the person receive. The four type of services cover in dental care plan are-

  • Diagnostic and preventive care includes cleaning, examination and X-rays. Such services are covered at 100% of the cost of the treatment.
  • Basic restorative care include fillings, periodontal work and root canal are reimbursed at 80% of the cost, which is quite similar among dental care plans.
  • Major restorative care includes crown, bridges and dentures that are covered at lower rate of 50% of the cost.
  • Orthodontia includes braces and this service is not covered by all dental care plans. These services have some frequency limits with limited number of examinations, cleaning and x-rays that are covered in the plan - time limits on replacement of crown, bridges, dentures etc. It is necessary to check your dental care plan booklet or insurer’s website to understand how your plan works and the cost you have to bear.

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