International Travel Health Insurance

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Any US citizen, who is planning a foreign trip to any other country, has to make lot of preparations before embarking on the trip. Obtaining an international travel health insurance with adequate coverage and protection is most essential in foreign trip planning. The second page of US passport clearly warns as under: "Persons considering foreign travel should determine what health insurance coverage, if any, they require while outside the United States.

Medicare does not cover health care costs outside the United States and its territories, except under limited circumstances in Canada and Mexico." International travel health insurance is essentially required because even if you are adequately insured for health and medical needs, there will certainly be lot of gaps or uncovered circumstances while you are traveling outside USA.

Most of US citizen are covered for health and medical insurance through individual health insurance plans. These plans mostly cover for emergency during overseas travel and stay. The onus of providing the event occurred during travel, entirely rests with the insured. Medical evacuation is certainly covered by these plans. Federal and state sponsored health plans; Medicare and Medicaid do not provide any coverage for international travel. Before leaving US you must checkup and properly evaluate the provisions of medical/ health insurance cover. If you feel that in most of your travel related requirements its silent or answers are confusing, it should certainly caution you regarding obtaining a supporting international health insurance.

Proper and quality health care is sometimes extremely difficult to find in some parts of the world. Most hospitals or providers require adequate guarantee for payment mostly solved by travel insurance, travel insurance company in collaborations with global health insurance plans and managed care plans, you have to pay large sum in advance and your credit card should have international validity and adequate cash/ credit limit.

Generally all international travel insurance companies provide clause for medical assistance benefit. The ensure twenty four hours, seven days a week and 365 days a year i.e.; round the clock access to a provider who can arrange an evacuation in case of emergency, while outside US such providers can also assist you in many travel related and legal matters.

International traveler has to carefully consider for three types of emergencies while on travel. They have been discussed below.

  • International health insurance plan - they take care of all health and hospitalization expenses and some of them also provide for dental care. These international health insurance plans are of two types: first for short trip (1 day to 6 months), which is normally purchased to supplement the existing health insurance plan. The second type is for periods beyond 6 months or for persons deputed/ allocated to other country and can be taken as primary health insurance policy. Such policies have a very comprehensive coverage including preventive care and maternity expenses etc.
  • Medical evacuation: if you are visiting a very remotely located country and medical emergency requires immediate evacuation to US or any other place with adequate and quality medical and health infrastructure then you will be in a very awkward situation. International travel insurances will be very handy and provide for your proper medical evacuation.
  • Interruption or Cancellation of journey due to health or other reasons can cost you very dearly and may cause financial breakdown, such clauses are essential for private and family travelers but not necessary for persons on business travel.

Let's discuss some other salient features of international travel health insurance: There is single trip insurance plan as well as multi-trip policies. These insurance policies are not adequate for travelers on extended stay or study and work tours for longer duration because of coverage for a fixed period (30 to 70 days or maximum unto one year.) Group Plans for international travel insurance is also available. Employers for frequent traveling employees normally provide this. Companies purchase such policies for their foreign employee's whotravel to US for seminars, training and workshops.

An insurer can choose between primary and secondary insurance. The primary insurance pays for medical expenses straightaway without considering the provisions of other insurance, whereas secondary insurance asks for your primary policy, if you have purchased a good quality primary plan, your travel needs can be met adequately. Previous or existing illness or health conditions are not covered by most international travel insurance plans. Some policies also exclude certain games and sports involving high risks, but they cover on payment of higher premiums.

As provided in conventional insurance plans, coverage under international travel health insurance plans, are subject to certain deductibles. And co-payments. Deductible is a fixed amount payable by insured before reimbursement commences; co-payment is percentage of insured sum also payable before reimbursement is provided. Few companies that provide international health insurance are: Multinational Underwriters, Yormark Global Insurance.